You Can Quote Me

YCQM is a semi-regular blurb, relating to my One Little Word for 2015, Serenity.

Here’s something I need to remember when stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m often worried that I will fail, that I’ll say the wrong thing, that I will offend, that what I’m working on or towards will turn to custard. To keep feeling that serenity, I need to let go & remember I CAN.

faith bigger than fear

Plus here’s something that struck me as funny. Kiwi’s will get the joke but for everyone else, you need to know what a hangi is 🙂


You Can Quote Me


YCQM is an on-going semi-weekly post, based on my One Little Word, Serenity. You would get it weekly, except some weeks I just don’t have my A into G, as my Nana would have said.

Today’s quote is a Maya Angelou. Admittedly I usually only see these on fancy or fluffy gift cards, but here’s one you can stitch. Thanks to Loretta from Stitching The Night Away – it was on her weekly newsletter. To subscribe (she has recipes!) follow the links on her site.

First of May, first of May…

I won’t complete the line from an old Jilly Cooper book in case it offends anyone, but today is (for me) one of those earworm days. I also have the same experience on the 4th, only it’s Luke etc saying “May the Fourth be with you”.

I know. You really needed to know that.

I thought I would trial listing my goals for the month. If I crash & burn, it’s likely to be the last goal list, but here goes nothing.


  • Complete Ali’s April prompts for One Little Word
  • Print out the last 10 days before Christmas & journal to complete my December Daily for 2014
  • Bead the night sky on Stargazer (which is only 4-6 hours at the most!)
  • Start & finish the C fairy for framing; it’s the MIL’s birthday in six weeks so this is priority!
  • Complete my portion on Jacqui’s RR (hoping it’s leaving Scotland today/tomorrow) – second priority
  • Chose & stitch a “Small” for the Smalls SAL

Nice to do’s:

  • Finish the stitching & beading on Mediterranean Mermaid
  • Sort out what my next big Mira will be

So that’s just three starts this month (one being a Small, and one being not much bigger as our limit was 2500 stitches) and hopefully four stitching finishes. Sounds doable.

You Can Quote Me: Grateful for…book recommends

book_smRecently I’ve been struggling with the actions of an extended family member – it’s amazing. You chose someone, they chose you, & everything is expected to go swimmingly. It doesn’t. Not even in fairytales.

But I’ve learnt a few things this week, and I now have a post-it front page of my planner. It’s there to remind me:

It’s none of my business to know what X thinks of me. It’s OK to ignore (the bad behaviour). It’s OK to walk away. It’s OK to limit time spent with X. It’s OK to ask X politely to leave my home.

I’m finding this simple but powerful. It reminds me it’s not OK to be rude or mirror what is done to me. To that end, I’ve removed or blocked X from my social media accounts, and interestingly (as he didn’t like what X tagged him in or implied what he was) B has chosen to do the same. I’ve chosen not to name X, as that would be equally wrong. But my little finding this week might be helpful to someone else, so I chose to share.

I came to this finding reading a couple of blogs and discovering a book (I know, what a shock). I’ve only read some excerpts but I’m heading to a Manna today to get the paperback & the study guide. The Best Yes is about coming to a biblical understanding of the commandment to love one another. If you click into the link, you can read chapter one for free & see some other material. I don’t think that the concept about loving one another is necessary only for Christians; having respect & empathy for our fellow man is a concept that rings true in most religions, even Wicca’s “and it harm none” is the same directive as Jesus’ commandment in John 13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (NIV). Even if you profess to be an atheist, I’m sure you have a respect & empathy for others.


The other book could be just as important. Ali Edwards (one little word) contributed to The Fringe Hours, by Jessica N Turner ( ) which is about using time you already carve out for FaceTwitGram & using it effectively to renew your soul. Ali blogged about it here The image above is going on my phone to remind me. I also find this quote meaningful:

finding rest


January WIPocalypse

January 5- Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Introduce Myself. Hmm. Right. I’m Paula, and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. My avatar name is pure panic/laziness, as I needed a personal email the one time I had to go job hunting and that was all I could think of. Paula, in Auckland. I am a mum to four, who range from 20 to 5. I am a partner/fiancé of nearly 19 years now. I work as a vendor performance manager for a major retail group, and I have my fingers in quite a few pies. I also do volunteer work during the league season – in 8 years I’ve only taken the one season off. I’m seriously considering being a sideline mum this year. I don’t use my degree at all, unlike Si, my partner, who uses at least two of his in the day-to-day role he has. I am overweight & not really looking to fix this in a hurry because I have no desire to run even Round the Bays. I’d rather walk it. Or swim.

Personality wise I am friendly, altho don’t lie to me. I will drop you like a hot potato. I like to make people smile or laugh, and it was only after a massive issue at my then employer in 2012 that I learnt to say “no” when asked to do something. A very valuable skill to have. I like to support people and find solutions to help make them happy. Happy friends = happy me.

I read A LOT. Like, two to three books a week. Anything from suspense to biography to contemps to historical. I don’t read horror, or misery memoir. I did read M&B (bath books!) but it’s more than a little stupid to use your Sony in the bath. I’ve been reading since I was 4 & I love to escape into a world that someone else has created. Pretty much everything I read is now digital. Forget diamonds – eReaders are this girl’s best friend. I do occasionally buy physical books – for the pretty pictures or the travel guides.

I dabble in scrapbooking – mostly Project Life, December Daily and this year I’m taking Ali Edwards’ One Little Word. The idea is to take one word that really speaks to you, and make it your focus. You can read about my choice here: and more about Ali’s course here:

I took a surface embroidery class in 2014 and enjoyed it. Not enough that it has taken over my main hobby, which is cross stitch, but enough that I can see where I want to incorporate it into pieces (Mirabilia Sleeping Beauty’s blankets seem to be a cool spot) & I have some confidence to do so.

I made Teddy Bears – proper old fashioned ones – in the past. One sits on my console here at work & is regularly picked up and examined. Others have been gifts for newborns and friends going thru hard times. Others have sold, which was amazing to me at the time. I still have the tools and a banana box of stash/patterns but I haven’t made a bear in years.

2014 saw a revival of sorts for me, stitching wise. It went from a chore & an ignore to a woo-hoo! & I got lots more completed than I thought I would do so. I filled my TUSAL jar. An attempt at rotation (let’s blame my wanting to grow up to be Anne for this) failed as I got the “must finish it now” bug. I got a Nora Corbett bug & brought heaps of patterns, altho I cleaned out boxes and boxes of stash.

This year’s WIPs are:

  • Nora Corbett Reindeer (I started with Rudolph). I only have five charts more to go…six to buy!
  • Nora Corbett Mediterranean Mermaid
  • Mirabilia Stargazer
  • Teresa Wentzler’s Tapestry Cat

Planned new starts:

  • Nora Corbett Letter C
  • Nora Corbett Letter P
  • Mirabilia Rose of Sharon


I am still collating my list of Smalls for the SAL this year, as I like to be a little flexible (I was regimented about the 12 TW smalls for last year and finished with 3. Dismal fail). I sort-of think the NC letters are small, as I tended to finish them in only a fortnight, but the rules state they are not.

  •  Travelling Bunny (he came from Wisher in November, & he needs to move on)
  • A biscornu
  • A Just Nan special finish
  • a “not my circus, not my monkeys” piece I saw on Pintrest. It fits nicely with my OLW for this year too.


And that’s it. A shorter list than I anticipated! #mustworkharder


One Little Word 2015

I’ve been tossing up what word will fit. This is a (very) last minute decision to rejoin OLW; previously I haven’t stuck with it. Maybe past words haven’t been right; maybe I need to allow myself to evolve throughout the year.

Potential candidates were:

  • grow – thinking faith, work skills, craft skills
  • craft – this is kind of redundant. my only resolution for 2015 is to craft. I am not giving up chocolate.
  • move – because I won’t give up chocolate.
  • compass – chose a direction.
  • serenity – I am lacking it.

Serenity, I think, will be the right word. I desperately need to focus on this at home and at work.

serenity def


Examples? At work there is that one person who tries (even tho technically we are equals, time-wise we are not) to control what I do and where I am at. She came into my office, burst open the door and was so disgruntled to find me at my desk it was all I could do not to burst out laughing. But her other subterfuge is not funny and I don’t cope well with being belittled. Thankfully our boss is onto it but I expect further ructions.

At home there is the Screaming Teen and his behavior. The Not Teen and his complete lack of practicality. The 5YO and his habit of whining & crying when things don’t go his way. I need to let this wash over me. Think Zen. Think like that duck, peaceful on the surface but paddling like anything under the water.

Actually, I don’t want to be the duck. I want to be organised and coping, stable and peaceful and FUN. I think that if I am serene, this will lead to growth, craft and a direction. Moving will add to serenity, as walking/swimming are activities that calm my mind.

If you had a word for 2014, what was it? What should it have been? If you didn’t have one, what would it be now you’re at the end of the year?

Thanks for reading. x


EDIT: 8.30pm and I’ve had a brainfart. Maybe my word is similar – like Peace. I’m really excited for it to be Peace.