Friday Recommend

This week, I’d like to suggest a return to simpler times. Let’s go back to an old favourite book or song that brings out the “feel good” vibe that the world really needs.

But life is what novels are about. A novel can contain more truth than a thousand newspaper articles or scientific papers. It can make you imagine, just for a little while, that you’re someone else- and then you understand more about people who are different from you. Lisa Kleypass, Chasing Cassandra.

My all-time favourite author is of course, AA Milne. Gran taught us to read on his poetry and Winnie the Pooh and I can still snuggle down in my imagination in the house on Fantail Grove, Wellington, and hear her read to me.

pooh love

Listening wise, I resurrected my old iPod from about 5 years of captivity. I got it in 2003, so it holds YEARS of listening pleasure, as I made a choice not to delete anything once it was loaded, except audio books and podcasts. There’s Nirvana, and classic Nickleback; Back Street Boys and Westlife; Bon Jovi and The Boss, and tucked away, a recommend from Kirsten, a then new-to-me artist called Kate Voegele.

What will you be reading this weekend?

Sharing is Caring: Smartest Person podcast

As you know, I listen to quite a few podcasts. One of them is Sorta Awesome, which is made by Megan Tietz & features some regular co-hosts. I love the ridiculous and interesting bits that make up this podcast, and it’s always good to look for the little awesomes in your life (and I am NOT talking kids here. Not).

cover170x170Anyways, Laura Tremaine now has her own podcast, Smartest Person in the Room. It’s available thru iTunes and the android app Podcast Addict (so I’m sure it’s available elsewhere).

Description : Laura Tremaine is not the smartest person in the room, but she knows someone who is. Driven by her belief that we all learn, grow, and become better when we surround ourselves with people who are smarter than us, she’ll take you along to meet people who are brilliant in their fields. With the casual tone of the best dinner party conversation you’ve ever had, Smartest Person in the Room offers fascinating, funny, and thought-provoking learning you won’t want to miss!


Sharing is Caring – the Lazy Genius

I found these guys via Caroline TeSelle’s yearly top 10 – she follows their podcast. And now so do I.

The Lazy Genius Collective

some very funny reads here! to quote:

4. You melt butter to soften it.

I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. When you bake, butter should be treated with care and reverence. Butter is basically Beyonce. 

and if you’re still looking for an android FREE podcast app, I use and recommend Podcast Addict. Here’s an official-type review:

and you can get it from your Play store.



I have the hangover

& I’m not just talking the movies or the one you earn by drinking. This is the post-migraine, kids being merciless, lack of true sleep, stressors still present hangover. This is what I wanted to avoid with my OLW.

But I won’t go into too much, as the main stress is a relation; let’s look forward to the new week.

  • The kids go back to school – all 3 of them!!!
  • It’s only four days of work this week – Friday is Waitangi Day, which is our supposed Foundation day (but I won’t go into that too much either).
  • I found Alison Weir’s Elizabeth of York on CD, so have lots of interesting listening to help me thru the mundane stuff at work (and it drowns out Hamish’s radio, which is tuned to the Rock).
  • I spent some time with my gf Emma’s cats this weekend, as she is away. Kitty cuddles can be lovely.
  • I had a good walk this morning with Z. I think we are listening to a Michael Morpolgo novel to/fro from work this week; review from Z later on (first kid post on the blog; be afraid as he uses longer words than I do!).
  • The Joan Elliot Spirit of the Orient SAL starts Tuesday, NZ time.
  • The February prompt for One Little Word should be up later today. Homework!
  • I won a download of the new Edge Kingsland CD, Seven Days. It’s an interesting piece of work, as each track is based upon the 7 Days of Creation. I love Day 5, Crash & Collide. Thanks, Dan @ LifeFM.Edge Kingsland Seven Days

The album is a whopping ten bucks – great value for money. Lydia Cole’s is the shortest at 3:22 and that’s still a minute longer than most radio plays.

Fiat lux. Let there be light.

With one phrase, the existence of our sphere began.
The creation poem of Genesis illustrates the magnum opus of God’s artistry.
From the void our world is crafted, in explosions of colour and seismic shifts.
The blank canvas of the universe is traced with stars and a vast roadmap of planets.

But creation is not just a moment in time. It is an endless cycle.
The artist joins the arc of creation when he stares down a blank canvas.
The musician tackles the void with every note and verse.
Seven Days is our attempt to join the creation story. It’s a journey that sees songwriters collaborating with writers and visual artists, creating their interpretations of each of the days of creation.

Fantastic sounds

Yesterday I was introduced to the sound of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra – they are absolutely fabulous – look for them on Youtube!
Tonight Bran and I were singing along to their cover of “Weather With You” – such a cool moment. I’ve got a big grin on just thinking about it.