January WIPocalypse & OLW Thrive

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well. WIPocalypse is the monthly check-in SAL hosted by Measi on her blog, and via the Facebook group – we welcome all enablers! Click on the icon to the right to learn more.

My January goals were:

  • Finish Jardin Prive’s Eiffel Quaker COMPLETED
  • Mill Hill Golden Tannenbaum for my Small/Christmas All Year Round BOTH FFO
  • Hello There March (& FFO) not started
  • 341 stitches in Shakespeare’s Fairies for the HP SAL ACHIEVED

Additionally, I’ve got over a thousand other stitches in SF and at work, I’ve stitched two Genoa Santa’s (one for me, one for Lou), and started two of the Wales version. I’ve also touched one of my yearly goals and stitched on Fairy Idyll – one of the monthly HPSAL goals was 500 stitches in gold, so I’m used her dress. So far, there’s only 3 days this month I haven’t stitched, & I’m happy with that.

Late last year I asked Belinda (@aussiestitcher) if she wanted to part with her copy of Coffee Quaker (the one that says “first I drink the coffee, then I do the things”) and she sent me a huge haul. Three needleminders (great for holding up copies of charts on the frame), two pieces of Colour Cascade fabric, the chart and her thread remnants, some of which will be enough to complete the smaller portions on the chart! I’m spoilt.

February goals:

  • Bead & FFO Genoa Santa’s
  • Complete stitching on Wales Santa’s
  • Stitch & FFO Hello There March
  • Work on Fairy Idyll
  • Work on Shakespeare’s Fairies

Question: What SAL’s are you participating in this year?

After last year’s abysmal failure, I’m only doing two. One is the #ChristmasAllYearRoundSAL via my Instagram posts (if you don’t know, I’m Christmas mad) and the other is the #HarryPotterSAL via the Facebook group. I’ve completed a few challenges this year & I’m looking for ways to incorporate more WIPs into the rotations.

A LATE EDIT, JUST FOR STEPHANIE January Stitch From Stash has come out positive, despite the NZD-UK Pound exchange rate. Idyll cost quite a bit! And some fabric sales came thru the bank account last night, moving me from my already positive 59cents. LOL.

Budget $25.00
Fairy Idyll for Gail -46.76
Spotlight DMC*6 -11.40
Eiffel Quaker 21.25
Golden Tannenbaum *2 12.50
Fabric Sales (Lani) 70.00
Total Available Budget $70.59

As my One Little Word this year is THRIVE (and Simon has also adopted it when it comes to us as a couple, like he did with YES in 2018), we took advantage of a child & work free day and went to Hamilton on Monday. It was super hot very early on, so we didn’t spend much time in the sun but on the drive, I not only finished the stitching in Genoa but made a start to Wales. I enjoy these pieces when we’re driving. We ended up at the Gardens, a favourite place, and took in the new Katherine Mansfield garden. It’s based upon her short story, The Garden Party, and while I forgot to take shots of the tennis court area, the house had us going ah…


It’s just a 3-4M deep facade, but so much detail. In another year, when the garden is that much more established, it’s going to be beautiful.

And of course, in the entry piazza that leads to these extra garden “rooms”, there’s Alice & the White Rabbit:


A Last First

Thursday is usually You Can Quote Me, an image or thought linked to my One Little Word,  Serenity.

Today is going to be a little different.


That little thing on the 32ct mermaid tail? That’s my last child’s first tooth. This morning was the last time I get to be the tooth fairy (I’m assuming some kid at school will burst his tooth fairy belief today).

It’s bittersweet to be watching this boy grow up. He is an unexpected gift from God, even during the tantrums. We’re blessed to have him.

Today’s lesson then is to hold on tight to the good memories. They will bring you a feeling of peace even in moments of pain.

You Can Quote Me

YCQM is a semi – regular post based on my One Little Word for 2015, Serenity.

This week I’m trying to reintroduce my planner as our schedules change up and I don’t instinctively know where and what I’m supposed to be doing, let alone the kids.


I’m also writing down the book recommends and who made mention, and the post – it will go into the planner on the day I start reading. These are from Warehouse Stationery but I’ve seen cute ones at Typo too.

What’s your top tip on keeping sane during a period of change?  

You Can Quote Me

So instead of an image that links to my One Little Word, Serenity, today I’ve got an app for you stitchers out there. It’s doing wonders for my peace of mind & sanity. We all know I grasp onto that tightly! I found this quite by chance as I updated the new phone – it’s FREE and works on Android.



Linda has an abundance of patience (altho I think I have now worked out the coding) and will talk you off the ledge. I can now add material and chart lists to the app and in the format I want – bonus! There are some templates and quick lists (DMC & Anchor threads) on Linda’s site & I’ve created a Kreinik #4 list to match (I like to know the colour names).  My Mill Hill list is underway (including the DMC recommendation for attaching, always good to know if you can’t find the invisible thread) and it now takes me about 3 minutes to type & load up a Mirabilia pattern to the stash. Which is very good as my order arrived from Amanda today!

Now I just have to sit down & enter the DMC, Kreinik & Mill Hill that I have in my stash, and this app will be fully functional!

One Little Word

I got stuck on the February prompt. A vision board? What the?

Today, in a hurry, I’ve created my version of the board. It’s in a Stampin’ Up PL protector (so odd sizes) but instead of worrying because it’s lacking and incomplete, I’m really happy with what it reflects. And there is room as I grow with my word.


And here’s a little extra. In case you can’t read my writing: Mase collected these cards through Feb/Mar by being good and doing chores. BRIBERY = SERENITY.