Journalling Prompts

In the aftermath of man flu I am struggling a little when it comes to creativity. So I found this little gem, and am hoping that the daily prompts kick start some thinking and more to the point, some journalling. I am woefully behind when it comes to Project Life but yay! at least found the printer cable yesterday so that excuse is now gone.

Sign up and see what it brings you 🙂

On a reading note, I have slogged thru Julia Fox’s excellent Jane Boleyn and Alison Weir’s well researched, detail heavy The Lady in the Tower. Interesting to compare the two very different views of Jane, Lady Rochford, who supposedly betrayed Anne Boleyn and her own husband, Anne’s brother. Ewuu. However I’m not sure she is as clean as Fox portrays her, and she was certainly very stupid when it came to her role as Katherine Howard’s court.

amazon links:

You might want to read the Weir in print however, as all the Appendix notes are annoying in e format, and I have not read many at all…


oh dear

well it’s been a while! My excuse is – feeble. I don’t really have one. Whoops.

Anyways, if you’re into something like Project 365, head on over to Becky Higgins and get excited about her new kit – it’s coming in physical and digital formats. Click to see.

We’re all good – I had a stay in hospital recently but getting better. Si has been offered a very exciting contract. Lou has just had exams and while I’m a little disappointed in her English result, she earned quite a few Merits and some Excellence’s as well. Bran and Zac are coming along nicely at swimming and Mason is growing so much.

Seven sleeps to Aunty Sharon visiting!

catching up

sorry have been very slack!
Right now, I am at home, having finished work (yay!), just finishing off some things, enjoying time with Si and waiting on bubs. We’ve done the “dry run” into the hospital (not very exciting), put part of the new wardrobe together (even less exciting, as we took the time to sort out/throw out/laugh at some clothing choices, and I realised I had a snowball’s chance of wearing some of these things this year) and just resting.

Bubs is all good and has an eviction date of next Friday, the 31st. I am huge, feel as big as I did with Bran, so a bit aprehensive! Never mind – he’ll come out somehow, right? Right?!!

And I need to focus a little on 365 – this has def gone by the wayside. Si hasn’t shown any enthusiasm for it which is making it really hard from my POV.

Project 365 – the second week

Here’s the spread from this week…Monday is washing Bubs clothes, Tuesday is a print from a new title submission (quite unusual for me to like this sort of print, as I’m more an Impressionist fan, but it reminded me of a very intricate tattoo I once saw) and Wednesday is my catch-up with Barb, my midwife. Spookily I noticed that I drew, completely at random, the same set of journalling tags. Thursday was doing my “homework” or as it is better known, prepping for the interview; Friday was going thru the clothes Aunty Sharon brought; Saturday is about my league team, and being so happy handing out jackets; Sunday was about my altered tin project.
Enjoying this album – it’s not really like it’s work. Which is something I can relate to!

Project 365 & a work update

Just a quick update about work – I had my interview and think it went OK. I didn’t walk out with that “doh!” feeling that you can have, thinking oops I forgot to tell them this…so feeling pretty cool about things and just waiting to hear back on Wednesday.

Here’s the first page from my P365. As of right now I am up-to-date (gasp!) and should be posting this week’s pages tomorrow.

Some hidden journalling behind the Thursday photo, Friday is of Louise’s baking and the gorgeous smell that floats thru the house when she’s home; Sat was about setting up the cot and mobile (the same the boys both used, and Zac still loves), and Sunday is a portion of Bran’s ticket from Mt Smart, where he took part in the march-by of all the Auckland clubs before the Wariors played and beat the Tigers.

I’m starting!

I’ve spent the last few days thinking on and getting my Project 365 folder together. Here’s the cover – the graphic is straight from Becky Higgins’ downloadable kit and to add a bit of kiwiana, a plastic tiki I’ve had for years. On the back of the tiki is really old Air NZ font which surprised me. I have no idea yet where it came from but hopefully it’ll come to me. Either that or Si will remember!
The album is a standard Pioneer 12×12, and this first group of divided page protectors is the Bazzill Lickety Splits. The stockist I got these from hasn’t got back to me about getting more, so I think I will either create my own by stitching the 12×12 refills that I have (which means I need to get that machine fixed in the next 10 weeks!) or craftytart’s website lists the WR Memory Keepers ones. We’ll see – depends on energy and finances, I guess.
The first page should be complete tomorrow so I’ll post then, and hopefully once a week from then on. Good intentions and all that!

Well! And Good Intentions…

Had a “catch up” meeting today and walked away feeling very unsure. The HR person was from AU I think, and didn’t even know the laws relating to my situation and redundancy. Hmm.

Thank goodness for the Department of Labour.

My good intention is to spend time tomorrow with Z (off school, another eye infection) and get this project 365 album up and running. I think I have figured out how to create my own pocket protectors and have asked Megan (Sugar Spice blog as listed in my “following”) to confirm. Of course this does mean that I will need to get my Nana’s bernina record 730 serviced…which it hasn’t been for 13 years, but hey. The struggle there will be keeping it in my hands and not MOTAT’s!

Simon would probably like to point out that I should be completing the curtains with the machine. Or mowing the lawns if they have dried out some more – which is something I like doing, as the chamomile smells soooo nice…

CK project 365

This is something that has me so excited! I was about to go onto Becky Higgins’ blog and complain that my email to the CS still hadn’t been answered when I saw this post – they are offering free downloads to people who couldn’t purchase the kit before it sold out! Yay!
Download zip file here (Mac and PC):
and it has jpg elements that you can open in Photoshop, type over, save again as jpegs and print like normal photographs – I like that! Her post is Jan 10th.
All I need now is a 12*12 binder, some divided page protectors and I’m all go. But thinking of waiting this until Surprise is born as it would be kinda cool looking back over his/her first year.