Stash Cache Files

stashcache_slider2One of the apps I love and use is Stash Cache. Linda is absolutely lovely and created this app for herself – but then shared it. It’s so handy to have a list of what I own and what I need on my phone!

You can download the app here or thru the android app store. The only thing I would say – DO EXPORT AS A BACKUP every now & again. This is particularly good if you use multiple devices.

I have created some files to augment the basics Linda has on her site (which includes DMC, Kreinik (which I did, so if there are mistakes blame me), Caron etc). As I create, I’ll share with you here. Download & add to yours as needed, converting to TXT files (as at 9th Dec 2015, WP doesn’t support the uploading of text files which are the base blocks for Stash Cache).


Teresa Wentzler:

TW Carousel Horse Fall

TW Carousel Horse Spring

TW Carousel Horse Summer

TW Carousel Horse Winter

TW Carousel

TW Noahs Ark

TW Tapestry Cat

TW The Guardian

TW Tradewinds

Mirabilia/Nora Corbett:

MD001 Damask Roses

MD003 Rose of Sharon

MD004 Garden Verses

MD005 Sleeping Beauty

MD008 The Dreamer


MD020 Fairy Tales

MD034 Spring Queen

MD051 Seaside Kingdom

MD056 Mays Emerald Fairy

MD057 Queen Mermaid

MD062 Lady of the Flag 

MD069 Cinderella

MD085 Mermaids of the Deep Blue

MD088 Stargazer


MD097 Athena

MD107 Lady Hera

MD109 Tree of Hope

MD111 Peony Garden

MD121 Dressmakers Daughter

MD124 Roses of Provence

MD126 Gypsy Mermaid

MD127 Persephone

MD130 Biancabella

MD131 Casseopeia

MD139 The Raven Queen

MD143 The Snow Queen


MD157 Alice

MD158 Lady Mirabilia


NC102 The Silver Dragonfly

NC116 Christmas Eve Couriers Blitzen

NC121 Christmas Eve Couriers Rudolph

NC122 Christmas Eve Couriers Sleigh

NC182 Garden Party Cakes

NC203 Faerie Autumn Glow


MLI Lavender & Lace:



Chat Watergarden

Little House Needleworks:

LHN 168 Bethlehem

LHNCC01 The Rose in Morning

LHN112 Summer Band Sampler