One Little Word 2015

I’ve been tossing up what word will fit. This is a (very) last minute decision to rejoin OLW; previously I haven’t stuck with it. Maybe past words haven’t been right; maybe I need to allow myself to evolve throughout the year.

Potential candidates were:

  • grow – thinking faith, work skills, craft skills
  • craft – this is kind of redundant. my only resolution for 2015 is to craft. I am not giving up chocolate.
  • move – because I won’t give up chocolate.
  • compass – chose a direction.
  • serenity – I am lacking it.

Serenity, I think, will be the right word. I desperately need to focus on this at home and at work.

serenity def


Examples? At work there is that one person who tries (even tho technically we are equals, time-wise we are not) to control what I do and where I am at. She came into my office, burst open the door and was so disgruntled to find me at my desk it was all I could do not to burst out laughing. But her other subterfuge is not funny and I don’t cope well with being belittled. Thankfully our boss is onto it but I expect further ructions.

At home there is the Screaming Teen and his behavior. The Not Teen and his complete lack of practicality. The 5YO and his habit of whining & crying when things don’t go his way. I need to let this wash over me. Think Zen. Think like that duck, peaceful on the surface but paddling like anything under the water.

Actually, I don’t want to be the duck. I want to be organised and coping, stable and peaceful and FUN. I think that if I am serene, this will lead to growth, craft and a direction. Moving will add to serenity, as walking/swimming are activities that calm my mind.

If you had a word for 2014, what was it? What should it have been? If you didn’t have one, what would it be now you’re at the end of the year?

Thanks for reading. x


EDIT: 8.30pm and I’ve had a brainfart. Maybe my word is similar – like Peace. I’m really excited for it to be Peace.


11 thoughts on “One Little Word 2015

  1. HI Paula, I found your blog via Facebook…Jennie here. I’ve contemplated doing One Little Word for the past few years now and think This year I will choose the word MOTIVATE as I have a lot of things to accomplish in 2015. I love your choice of Serenity. 🙂

  2. I think a lot of us could benefit from “serenity” as a word to guide behavior–and since our lives are anything but serene, we need to look within. Good luck with your undertaking!

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  4. now that’s a very good source of inspiration, although considering my total lack of it during 2014 I’ll choose LUCK this time. I’m in desperate need of ceasing the series of bad things falling on top of each other – but I praise your compass being pointed on Serenity & Peace, those kids sound like a lot to deal with, not to mention that lovely character at work. a Very Happy, Serene and Peaceful New Year 🙂

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