WIP Wednesday

Hello you lovely people! How have you been? I’ve had a pretty busy week, all in all.

  • Watched the first rugby game of the season (Waitakere beat Avondale college, hooray!)
  • Picked up my new toy, a Galaxy S8+. The camera is amazeballs. The moon shot was on auto; imagine if I had taken the time to not have post bootcamp wobbles and had changed to the proper setting!
  • Ordered MIL her Pressie Box, which should be ordered today. http://www.thepressiebox.co.nz for some beautiful things and great customer service.
  • Watched the first hockey game of the season (I fail, I keep calling the ball a “puck”. And Icing is of course not a thing).
  • Survived both Normo’s birthday set (49!) and my own (shared with Lavinia, we had 10 minutes of EMOMs). Not surprisingly, didn’t go to the small session last night!
  • Started my portion of Julie’s round robin. Si liked the colours in Emi, so that is the Nora Corbett pixie that I started.
  • Made another flosstube video. Mase made a cameo appearance. Look for Paula SewScrapMuse on youtube. Yes, my accent is “cute”. Huh.
  • And 3 year anniversary with WordPress. I don’t miss Blogger at all!

Starting Over Feels Like…

Stephanie has set up a mini SFS group to “dummy run” from November thru to January. Yay for the re-start. Now to be disciplined; October was a month of oh-I-can’t-buy-next-year-must-get-it-all-now and that isn’t sustainable in anyone’s life (craft, chocolate or whatever – do drinkers freak out before Dry July? Curious minds want to know).

After a nasty fall last week I’m starting over with exercise. I did walk to the Domain on Friday (just over 4km, so easy; Si & Biebs are now reffing a weekly tournament there in addition to Watchman Tag on Wednesday); we did the stairs on Saturday & the little ones and I walked OTH on Sunday. Last night I walked from work to Patiki; about 6.3km & then tonight is #BBM bootcamp. My summer routine will be about feeling strong.

I am not starting over with Jenny Craig however. I simply can’t continue to work those sums into the budget but I achieved what I wanted to. My portion size is mostly under control; I try to eat 5-6 times a day & I eat a lot healthier than I did. I’m certainly not eating chocolate every day (sorry for the sales crash, Whittakers) I’ve lost nearly 10 kilos and I don’t get headaches daily, even tho I stopped taking that medicine about 2 months ago. I’m counting all this as a win.

What can you start over to give you that “woo hoo” feeling?

PS – don’t forget to enter my giveaway over in Flosstube! Link in a previous post.

Annnnd the Saturday stress has started

Today’s post comes from Northall Park – yeah I didn’t know it existed either! Simon is in the middle for a pre-season Glenora v Glenora game, Bran is running one side line and the rest of us are settled in for a hot 40 minutes.

I’ve found myself a shady spot right next to the school playground. Mase is making friends (that’s my mum. She’s going to give me a new brother. I am? News to me, kid) & Zac is thinking about his creative writing prompt. Bats v Spidy. Who is the best a fighting crime? He thinks Bats. I’m undecided.

I think I’ll make pancakes when I get home.

Manic Monday

yesterday was not. It was Auckland Anniversary day (Happy Birthday, we’re 175 – which will make anyone English snort with derision) and “Strayla” Day (Australia, but I’ve helped you out with the correct pronunciation, you’re welcome) & chez ours is having a lazy day.

We are about 50% thru painting the fences; the front door area is revived with grey pavers replacing the indoor tiles at the entry. No more slip & slide, sorry. My shoulders & legs are killing me (walking like a sailor who has just hit land after 20 years away, on a roll) and everyone had enough. Z & I watched the NFL Pro Bowl all afternoon and jointly sulked that the Super Bowl is on while school/work pulls us away.

I didn’t clean the tank – but I found the Black Line Flying Fox. I had thought both of these had carked it two weeks ago (the first one lasted 2 days before I lost sight of it). It is all by itself an excellent cleaner-upper of the algae. I need more fish tho as the tank looks empty with the main school being the Lemon Tetras. All will have to wait as I have multiple sets of school fees to pay this week. Wah!


so it’s been a while

Until very recently, I’ve been using Facebook a lot. An awful lot. It keeps me in touch with 99% of my family & friends, it enables me (look, a book! must add that to my TBR pile) and makes me laugh. I can look back on photos and know what we were doing (altho I haven’t done much in the albums lately) BUT…

sometimes it isn’t as good as journaling can be. Sometimes I just need to write and write and write…

and as Dad and Mum don’t use facebook, they aren’t in the loop like they should be. HI MUM! HI DAD!

2013 was pretty good to us. Sold one house, moved to the MILs for a while, then brought our new house. Fast – listed Sat morning, we viewed Sun afternoon, we brought Sunday afternoon. We’ve brought looking at the long term – ok school zones, lots of new buildings (pushing up the price already), close to public transport, close to the MIL and our daughter. We have managed to kill one of the two plants (possibly one for each of the house’s birthdays?) but have gained back enough room for the massive trampoline down one end of the property and about the same at the front, just by filling in the drops where soil was dug out and moving the fences to the berm. I love how Si is so clever engineering wise. It will take a lot to move the new fence & retaining walls. I’m looking forward to selecting the fruit trees – proper plants, not just my roses and herbs!

2014 hasn’t been so bad either. I’m on a contract with a well established company, the creative juices are flowing, we’ve squeezed in a family holiday, spent time with friends, and the house is reflective of who we are (and yes, Bran’s room could rival a pigsty). All three boys are now playing league (Si & I are coaching Mase’s team, which apart from a few unrealistic parents is great fun) and all are doing well at kindy/school. Mase is about to start 4 days a week at kindy, in prep for school – the “lasts” are starting to catch up. Si is now road cycling to make up for the fact he can’t run (that achilles/plantar fascialitis is hell) and I enjoy walking with Zac. He’s great company. Louise has started her own baking/catering company with a girlfriend and YUM they are already getting word of mouth jobs. 

Anyway, the next posts will be more specific. And hopefully frequent.

Picture: Mase after “helping” Louise with her fabulous chocolate cake 22 April 2014 – a preview of his pirate birthday later this year?


What a fabulous weekend. Only missing the one child for our last league game of the season, and yippee, Wendy from Glenora’s fully supportive of monthly get-togethers over the summer months; and then yesterday Bran’s team played at Mt Smart in between the Vulcans and the Warriors -and beat Northcote five tries to four.

It was a great send-off to the three departing players and a bloody great game too.

The photo is Bran (to the right, two of his team-mates and Reuben Wiki.

<img style="float:left; margin:0 10px 10px 0;cursor:pointer;
cursor:hand;” src=”https://sewscrapmuse.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/dsc00787.jpg?w=300″ border=”0″ alt=””id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5240836787467623138″ />

and this one is of him subbing off the field – it looks so much bigger when your baby is playing than when you’re watching Manu thunder down the sideline!