Catching up on #craft31days

I have been stitching… but not yesterday. And not Fairy Idyll; I’m barely holding onto concentration with the Captain.

Mum has been hospitalised again, she has another lung infection.

The kids decided they were bored. This is not helpful. I want to shake them & point out their time with Grandma is severely limited but of course, I can’t do that.

#craft31days day 18

Oh. I’m so tired but my hamster brain didn’t want to get off the wheel. I’m making mistakes, so I’ve taken a leaf from Measi’s book & allowed myself some grace & a “cheat” day.

Here’s a q I asked way back in July 2015 for WIPocalypse.

Question of the Month

What makes you pick up a long-abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece? (this question comes to us via Paula)

I’m still struggling with finishing some of my pieces. The Tapestry Cat languishes still even tho I would have easily another 20 TW designs on the shelf. I’ve over 80 Mira or Nora charts, all the JCS Christmas designs & still I go “oooh, shiny” when something new catches my eye.

How do you finish something before moving onto the next thing? What tips can you give me?

#craft31days day thirteen

No cross stitching today, but I did sew a web and spiders onto my dress…

We went to the Cure Kids fundraising quiz run by one of our store teams. Doug won best dressed, but I think Simon’s make up made him look very drained.. so well done me.

Side note was the humour in #masetheace practically crap himself trying to get away from my spiders 🕷

Something too good not to share

So here in NZ there’s a media group looking at more than just teh academic profile of schools. Stuff sent semi-comedian Guy Williams (the add-in of the Jono & Ben show, it’s well worth looking up some of their clips on You Tube) to Swanson School – Mase’s school!

Can’t say that I disagree with young Nixon’s view of our current PM; and Charlotte’s view of the world is pretty cool too. And Oshiana’s parents must have shed a wee tear.

Update on Stash Cache

stashcache_slider2I’m adding more base files to my Stash Cache page. Mostly Mira/Nora’s because I have a bit of downtime here at work.

Feel free to download and use for yourself; or if you want me to create a file specifically for you, let me know & I’ll help out where I can.