2014/2015 Finished Crafts

Dear Santa...

Teresa Wentzler’s Stretch, finished January 2014


Mirabilia Shimmering Mermaid – conversion of the Compass only, finished 18/05/2014


various ornaments, still to be “finished” as ornies…

Nora Corbett Santa’s Sleigh, finished March 31st. You can’t see all the shine and glitter and beads but I LOVE this design. I have six of the reindeer to do once I get some dyed fabbie from Catherine’s shop

Santa's Sleigh

Nora Corbett Audubon Street Collection – Blue Monarch Flycatcher, fin June 7th

2014-06-07 21.37.14

Nora Corbett Audubon Street Collection – Yellow Figbird, fin November 7th

Nora Corbett Audubon Street Collection – Scarlet Tanager, fin November 23rd

Tanager 3

Mirabilia’s Stargazer, finished May 2015


Mirabilia’s Mediterranean Mermaid, finished July 2015


8 thoughts on “2014/2015 Finished Crafts

  1. I was familiar with Nora’s Reindeers, and always meant to stitch at least one (the trouble being you can’t stitch just one, can you? 😉 ), but I had never seen the sleigh. gorgeous! and how beautiful it must be person, I can only imagine.
    I love the motto for Santa, very witty, but they’re all very nice finishes really, congrats!

  2. Hi! I am looking for The Stargazer conversion you have done. It’s driving me crazy and have to start it for 2020! Please and thank you.
    Happy New Year!

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