YAY Friday.

I’m pretty happy to have got to the end of the week! It’s been fairly chaotic & with the league season kicking off properly for our house (now that Tag has finished) it doesn’t look like Saturday will be a day of rest. I think that for my own wellness, I will need to go back old-school and adopt Sunday as my day of rest. This will mean doing some housework every day during the week to gain a “day off” but long term, I suspect this will be best. What do you think? How do you balance work/home/rest?

My top things for the week include:

  1. It looks like the Screaming Teen has decided his next step & is signing up for an academic course. It’s a combination of sport & management & PT but it’s a step forward.
  2. My new devotional arrived – and thanks to Book Depository, it was postage free & I had a good laugh when it arrived with a wine voucher (I’ve passed that one along already). The devotional is already working for me. I was able to carve out space (even tho I was at work) to shut the door and spend 10 minutes with God. And Pinterest for the last few moments, as visually pretty things are working for me right now. It will be interesting to see where I am at in 40 days.
  3. I re-discovered Ali Edwards and have ordered the kit, an album & some stamps to do Week In The Life. You can go to her blog www.aliedwards.com if you’re curious, but expect some scrapbooking/journalling things mid-May. My parcel shopped from Oregon this morning. Double yay!
  4. I went to Stitch Group on Tuesday & had a really good laugh. Barb & Linda have the best sense of humour. Next month it’s at ours. Eeep. I hope the house elves aren’t on strike.
  5. I’m pretty-much up-to-date at work, after Conference took me out for three days last week. I’ve even passed 39/60 Axonify modules, altho I’m getting very tired of the things. And one more week of my boss being in China equals more time to deep dive into issues.
  6. I love the sounds coming out of this song. Current earworm that I am sharing! Love Spotify. Sorry Elizabeth – you won’t like it but you might have liked the Brene Brown lecture that was on audible instead?

Today was a Good Day

Woke up late – eep! Three degrees outside and the cars were covered in ice (I’m such a jaffa now. No more Southland blood left)


It was about half a cm thick on the Toy Car.

Got to New Lynn and the babes were awesome. Lots of quick passes and offloads; bring at the Fox game last week must have been good inspiration


one thing about cold mornings is the bonus of full sun for the rest of the day.

This afternoon someone pulled up injured so Bran ran the line at the Pt Chev Fox game!  Not many 15 yo would get that opportunity. I stayed to watch for a little while (Si was on the other line) then Mase, Zac and I went to Animates to fish browse.

We brought 8 guys home (& I nearly picked up another tank for the kitchen). Three Black Widow tetras and five Neons. Neons are tiny!


Black Widow tetra; I think it looks like a Barb


Hopefully I don’t kill these guys too soon.


And I don’t mean “goodness gracious me” or anything the Mom in The 70’s Show said – I mean the goodness in people. It’s the small things that make people smile.

In this case, it’s actually quite large. I know how hard it is to get sponsorship, and being completely honest, I thought this offer would expire in that “too hard” basket. I’m happy to report that I was wrong, wrong, wrong – here are my our babies in their new sponsored hoodies!


My Mase is the tall blondie.

Yay, it’s Monday

As in, this weekend was a killer! I’ve come back to work for a holiday 🙂

On Saturday Zac was injured in his league game. The person tackling him bent his fingers back, and the result is a broken 5th proximal phalanx – or the first bone of his right little finger. He’s casted just to protect him from knocking it around but as it’s the championship series already, this is probably the end of his league season both for the club and for school. Neither of us are impressed, but it’s an accident. I can let you know that the White Cross A&E has a better selection of kids’ reading at St Lukes, with better magazines at Henderson. Should have had my eReader with me!


On Sunday we went out to Pakuranga league club for the delayed Under 6 Gala. We only had the minimum number of players but I had a ball. These six are a great group of kids, and the family groups are funny & genuine. A big change from last year! We didn’t win the Best & Fairest trophy but I think they gained a lot of confidence & I was proud of how they played.

20150628_101145 20150628_130514

So as a result, not one stitch in any WIP, which is a worry as I have to post my NZ RR this Friday. I can see some late nights in my future! And rather stupidly, I have TWO copies of a Mira on the way, as I thought one online shop had forgotten my order…so if anyone wants a copy of Mermaids of the Deep, please email me. Sale or Swap for one I don’t have is fine 🙂

Also for fellow stitchers, Chiara raises some interesting points: https://thegreytail.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/real-stitchers-dont-steal/

WIP Wednesday

I’ve had to frog a bit (missed two lines of one colour) but Persephone is marching along nicely now that I’ve finished the confetti that makes up her hair. This is after six stitching nights:


The other piece is Debbie’s RR, with Jacqui’s addition being the Moonlight Laguna mermaid. I am thinking I’ll stitch a portion of Mediterranean Mermaid, as I have that kitted up as my hospital WIP.

I also joined in another FB group today – surely I must be hitting some kind of threshold soon! This one is for the Christmas Couriers (my Sleigh belongs to that group of patterns). Hopefully some inspiration to get more reindeer done! Or… Maybe I use them as the theme for my NZ RR?

Lastly here’s Mase at training tonight. He’s thriving in this group. And I laugh so much on Wednesday nights. It’s a great bunch of kids.


Saturday and I’m winning

Out of the house before 8:30. Z to one muster, B over an hour early to his first ref assignment and we were late to M’s muster at Ellerslie.

But all settled down and M actually was player of the day!


Back to Fowlds just in time to see the ref call the game off after the second red card to Z’s opposition. Z was at the bottom of the heap so it was a good thing I missed that bit!

Wendys to reward both for their efforts then back to Cornwall to watch B ref the second of his games.

Now I am more than ready to head home for a cuppa & a little bit of lazy. How was your day?