A Last First

Thursday is usually You Can Quote Me, an image or thought linked to my One Little Word,  Serenity.

Today is going to be a little different.


That little thing on the 32ct mermaid tail? That’s my last child’s first tooth. This morning was the last time I get to be the tooth fairy (I’m assuming some kid at school will burst his tooth fairy belief today).

It’s bittersweet to be watching this boy grow up. He is an unexpected gift from God, even during the tantrums. We’re blessed to have him.

Today’s lesson then is to hold on tight to the good memories. They will bring you a feeling of peace even in moments of pain.

You Can Quote Me

YCQM is a semi-regular post that relates to my One Little Word for 2015, Serenity.

I’ve made the decision to move YCQM to Mondays. Monday is the work day with the most pressure and demands, and of course, the most time spent in meetings (I’ve been absenting myself from one to regain a precious 30 minutes. For 6 weeks in a row I sat in the corner with no tasks and nothing to contribute. Once you start playing on your phone, you know it’s pointless to be there).

So. Monday. Hello.


You Can Quote Me


YCQM is an on-going semi-weekly post, based on my One Little Word, Serenity. You would get it weekly, except some weeks I just don’t have my A into G, as my Nana would have said.

Today’s quote is a Maya Angelou. Admittedly I usually only see these on fancy or fluffy gift cards, but here’s one you can stitch. Thanks to Loretta from Stitching The Night Away – it was on her weekly newsletter. To subscribe (she has recipes!) follow the links on her site.


You Can Quote Me

Often we need to go to our special place. A place that rejuvenates us. It may be a place where we do something specific, talk to a certain someone, listen to something, just be ourselves.

It’s far too easy to forget to go to this place when we lead busy lives. REMINDER TO SELF: it’s really, really important to allow yourself this time & place.

So go on, get to your place this weekend. Hope it sets you up for a positive, productive week ahead.

toes in! paddling at Eastern Beach, Auckland

toes in! paddling at Eastern Beach, Auckland. Looking for, finding Serenity.

OLW updated

I decided to go with Serenity. It’s close to Peace, but it’s the attitude that I want to express.

I’ve been sitting on the class notes for a couple of days, thinking on things while I work away around the house, in the garden and so on. Here’s my result – and yes, I know there is a blank. I’m not sure what to write under “invitation”. Not yet, anyway.

2015-01-04 21.23.162015-01-04 21.23.23


I also need to take a photo of me and slot it into the gap on the cover page.

I did lose my attitude today tho – grocery shopping at Countdown and what do I spy?

2015-01-04 13.22.32

Really? Jesus was only just born!