Friday Finish – NaBloPoMo twenty one

One thing which I am kind of scared about doing, but really want to, is a biscornu. I’ve seen some fantastic looking ones around the traps (including at Zeb’s) but I’m hating the thought that i might just balls it up!

Here’s a link to finishing instructions, via Anne’s Focus on Finishing blog : (includes free autumn charts)

Links to free patterns:

As for me, I think I’ll try this one :

You Can Quote Me III – NaBloPoMo twenty

Another favourite quote reminds me to be faithful, confident I will get what I pray for. Example? I have been working for a major retailer on a maternity contract. Noises about keeping me on when it expires on Dec 30th, but nothing concrete and moving into November, I was starting to look around, nervous about paying the bills and so on. Then last Wednesday I was offered a contract. Woo hoo!


As I seem to have got the hang of this new habit (planning blog posts, thinking ahead) I’m going to add five minutes of solitude to my mornings as the next habit. Just me, a Bible and a notebook. Very much in awe over Teresa Collins’ faith – the below is from her blog as she has been working through a huge amount of personal trauma.

because he bends down

Thinking that Faith should have been my One Little Word for 2014.

WIP Wednesday – NaBloPoMo nineteen (nah nah nah nah nineteen)

Extra points if you get the musical reference. It came up at pub quiz last week 🙂

Tanager is progressing nicely and quickly. Too quickly as I have early signs of OOS in my right hand – need to move so that I use the mouse with my left. Surely that will help?

Tanager 2

Reading now – The Realm, the true history behind Game of Thrones by Ed West. Kicks off with the people and events at the start of the War of the Roses, Lancasters & Tudors. Still listening to Naked in Death at work.

Spanish, Dora-Styles – NaBloPoMo eighteen


Growing up, I only wanted to learn French. Love the lyrical rhythms, the art, the architecture and most of the stereotypes (including long, long lunches and fields of lavender). It helped that I had an awesome teacher in third form (year nine) who taught us colloquial French (including a few swears. In retrospect that was clever as he got & kept our attention) then when he retired, one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had, Anne Dunphy, stepped up.

Madame was also the school principal, and as I found out later, involved in a number of other professional bodies. I now have no idea how she managed to squeeze in a class but I am grateful she did. I learnt so much in that class about art (we went to the Rembrandt to Renoir exhibition and received plenty of attention & info from the curators), movies (Manon des Sources at the Lido is a good memory), history & geography. I can still understand a little verbal and can get the gist if reading a book or newspaper. Thanks, Madame. You got me out of another year of Shorthand Typing too. Massive bonus.

So I was a little gutted when Z decided to ignore French and focus on Spanish this year. Spanish! Yes, I know this is a romance language and similar in origins to French & Italian but it’s just that much different that I struggle to get my head around it. Despite his best intentions, I am still at the Dora level –hola! Uno, dos…ocho…

I do however know all the words to the Backpack song. Which is slightly less useful than Ted’s Thunder song, given our current weather pattern. And Boots is cute but geez! give Swiper a chance!


PS – if you read yesterday and didn’t give me a book recommend, shame on you! Never mind, I dumped Miss Highsmith and moved on to an old McCaffrey contempory, Stitch in Snow. She’s the creator of Pern but I think this preceeds most of those. It’s not bad – dated but not bad!

Music Makes Me…NaBloPoMo seventeen

Generally my music tastes reflect my mood – so if it’s Seether, walk away. Just walk away. Day-to-day I listen to a mix of “talkback” radio (at the time I listen, 6am for twenty minutes or so it’s just news) on Radio Live, Lifefm when I’m at work, or a mix of favourite tunes or podcasts. Lately I’m into podcasts and audio books. I think I might have reached saturation point tho as I am

  • Listening to JD Robb Naked in Death at work
  • Listening to JD Robb Delusion in Death on the way home (takes up to an hour in the afternoons, ick drive)
  • Reading “The Talented Miss Highsmith” on my Sony (and hating it, actually)
  • Watching Bones & Castle marathons at home

So a big decision today. Have left Delusion at home deliberately and am considering giving up on Highsmith. Seriously – she is not a person I would put up with IRL and actually sounds quite nasty (apart from liking her cat). But I hate not finishing a book!

I must be in a good mood as today I think I will listen to Lady Antebellum or Kate Vogele – the later artist was introduced to me by my g.f. Kirsten. Not really known in NZ but I like that sort of thing.

And if you pray, can you please add another g.f. Sangeeta to your list. She starts chemo soon and is understandably nervous about the experience and how she might react. Pray for peace of mind and quick recovery please. Thank you!!

IT advice – NaBloPoMo fifteen

I was listening to the podcast from QI called There’s No Such Thing As A Fish (episode 31, if you care. Episode 33 was boring tho). Apparently the very first piece of IT advice was to not turn the computer off then on again!

This related to Tommy Flower’s Colossus which was the first supercomputer. Flowers was a post office worker and his first attempt gained a “no” as it couldn’t function with all the valves and whatnot. Same with the second attempt. Persistently Flowers carried on, building Colossus IN SECRET in a room in Bletchley Park (I find that odd? Secret room in a secret spy agency?!). Apparently there are still parts from Colossus in machines in the British post office buildings today. And some trains operating on MS-Dos. Commodore 64, anyone?

Friday Finish – NaBloMoPo fourteen


This little design was sent to me as part of the facebook NZ Cross Stitcher’s fantasy exchange earlier in the year. I stitched some fairies and finished them as a double-sided hanging ornament (lots of Kreinik blending filament so it would sparkle). This was the first time I’d seen an ornie finished like this – currently it lives on my bathroom shelf next to the coral piece B made for me a couple of years ago. And lots of shells.

Finishing instructions can be found here:

Really clear pictures here: where the stitcher has used chipboard coasters as the underlying form

Plus there are plenty of pintrest boards to follow! #enabling

You Can Quote Me Part II – NaBloPoMo thirteen


Here’s something that applies to work and personal life. I used to dwell on something, absolutely obsessing (just ask Si) until in the midst of our separation I made a decision. My thoughts weren’t healthy, they weren’t productive, they weren’t constructive. It was time to let things go.

So I did. Eight years on and I am (for the most part) living here + now. If I make a mistake – correct it and move on. Life is about making mistakes and learning, and I guess I forgot that for a while. Mostly, I have the opportunity to correct mistakes, not hold grudges, ask questions, learn. So I do.

WIP Wednesday & Cupid Stunts is on the rise – NaBloMoPo twelve

So. We came second last night! Yay! However we haven’t told Si (who was at the ARL Referee’s AGM) that there were only two teams J We’re planning on stringing him along for as long as we can. Bringing along the “Youf” may not have helped tho! There was a small collection of wine glasses in front of her, so maybe we have to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe. We also got the announcer in the last round, as she totally mispronounced our name.

Small start to NC188 the Scarlet Tanager. Like the other two birds, this is on 25ct white Lugana and there will be some thread changes. This is about 4 hours work, mostly while watching TV or listening to JD Robb’s Delusion in Death.

NC188 Tanager 1