You Can Quote Me III – NaBloPoMo twenty

Another favourite quote reminds me to be faithful, confident I will get what I pray for. Example? I have been working for a major retailer on a maternity contract. Noises about keeping me on when it expires on Dec 30th, but nothing concrete and moving into November, I was starting to look around, nervous about paying the bills and so on. Then last Wednesday I was offered a contract. Woo hoo!


As I seem to have got the hang of this new habit (planning blog posts, thinking ahead) I’m going to add five minutes of solitude to my mornings as the next habit. Just me, a Bible and a notebook. Very much in awe over Teresa Collins’ faith – the below is from her blog as she has been working through a huge amount of personal trauma.

because he bends down

Thinking that Faith should have been my One Little Word for 2014.

One thought on “You Can Quote Me III – NaBloPoMo twenty

  1. Such a worthwhile exercise. 5 minutes isn’t long – but it focuses the mind for the rest of the day – it gives us the ‘hot line’ we so desperately need.

    Have a blessed day – I took up this challenge at the beginning of the year, so glad I did. In March I added another – 5 minutes at the end of the day too….. just before sleep.

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