Friday Finish – NaBloPoMo twenty one

One thing which I am kind of scared about doing, but really want to, is a biscornu. I’ve seen some fantastic looking ones around the traps (including at Zeb’s) but I’m hating the thought that i might just balls it up!

Here’s a link to finishing instructions, via Anne’s Focus on Finishing blog : (includes free autumn charts)

Links to free patterns:

As for me, I think I’ll try this one :

2 thoughts on “Friday Finish – NaBloPoMo twenty one

  1. I have one I started ages ago that has a cross stitch design on one side and a four-way Bargello pattern on the other. I haven’t finished the actual stitching, but I’m also scared of finishing them – I’m not the best seamstress. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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