IT advice – NaBloPoMo fifteen

I was listening to the podcast from QI called There’s No Such Thing As A Fish (episode 31, if you care. Episode 33 was boring tho). Apparently the very first piece of IT advice was to not turn the computer off then on again!

This related to Tommy Flower’s Colossus which was the first supercomputer. Flowers was a post office worker and his first attempt gained a “no” as it couldn’t function with all the valves and whatnot. Same with the second attempt. Persistently Flowers carried on, building Colossus IN SECRET in a room in Bletchley Park (I find that odd? Secret room in a secret spy agency?!). Apparently there are still parts from Colossus in machines in the British post office buildings today. And some trains operating on MS-Dos. Commodore 64, anyone?

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