WIP Wednesday & Cupid Stunts is on the rise – NaBloMoPo twelve

So. We came second last night! Yay! However we haven’t told Si (who was at the ARL Referee’s AGM) that there were only two teams J We’re planning on stringing him along for as long as we can. Bringing along the “Youf” may not have helped tho! There was a small collection of wine glasses in front of her, so maybe we have to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe. We also got the announcer in the last round, as she totally mispronounced our name.

Small start to NC188 the Scarlet Tanager. Like the other two birds, this is on 25ct white Lugana and there will be some thread changes. This is about 4 hours work, mostly while watching TV or listening to JD Robb’s Delusion in Death.

NC188 Tanager 1

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