Music Makes Me…NaBloPoMo seventeen

Generally my music tastes reflect my mood – so if it’s Seether, walk away. Just walk away. Day-to-day I listen to a mix of “talkback” radio (at the time I listen, 6am for twenty minutes or so it’s just news) on Radio Live, Lifefm when I’m at work, or a mix of favourite tunes or podcasts. Lately I’m into podcasts and audio books. I think I might have reached saturation point tho as I am

  • Listening to JD Robb Naked in Death at work
  • Listening to JD Robb Delusion in Death on the way home (takes up to an hour in the afternoons, ick drive)
  • Reading “The Talented Miss Highsmith” on my Sony (and hating it, actually)
  • Watching Bones & Castle marathons at home

So a big decision today. Have left Delusion at home deliberately and am considering giving up on Highsmith. Seriously – she is not a person I would put up with IRL and actually sounds quite nasty (apart from liking her cat). But I hate not finishing a book!

I must be in a good mood as today I think I will listen to Lady Antebellum or Kate Vogele – the later artist was introduced to me by my g.f. Kirsten. Not really known in NZ but I like that sort of thing.

And if you pray, can you please add another g.f. Sangeeta to your list. She starts chemo soon and is understandably nervous about the experience and how she might react. Pray for peace of mind and quick recovery please. Thank you!!

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