Today was a Good Day

Woke up late – eep! Three degrees outside and the cars were covered in ice (I’m such a jaffa now. No more Southland blood left)


It was about half a cm thick on the Toy Car.

Got to New Lynn and the babes were awesome. Lots of quick passes and offloads; bring at the Fox game last week must have been good inspiration


one thing about cold mornings is the bonus of full sun for the rest of the day.

This afternoon someone pulled up injured so Bran ran the line at the Pt Chev Fox game!  Not many 15 yo would get that opportunity. I stayed to watch for a little while (Si was on the other line) then Mase, Zac and I went to Animates to fish browse.

We brought 8 guys home (& I nearly picked up another tank for the kitchen). Three Black Widow tetras and five Neons. Neons are tiny!


Black Widow tetra; I think it looks like a Barb


Hopefully I don’t kill these guys too soon.

3 thoughts on “Today was a Good Day

    • And tropicals aren’t as dirty as goldfish. I clean the filters once a month, replacing the filter wool then. Then three monthly replace the charcoal as well. Twenty percent water change monthly (4/5 buckets) and done. Lots of pleasure for very little work really.

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