Tablets vs Paper Charts

a friend of mine takes her tablet everywhere and uses a Reader app to high-light her charts as she stitches – no more highlighter on the linen! I tried this with my android (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2) and couldn’t get the same effect (she has an iPad) but by chance I stumbled across this post today –

It’s brilliant. I was only doing one thing wrong – not saving my scan chart to the SD card. Trish2

Guess what I’ll be doing tonight! No more stressing, hopefully!

And league season starts officially this weekend. Already? I am so blessed as one supplier is giving me water bottles for the babes; and another set of parents has stepped up to coach/manage the second team. I was worried about being in two places at once (impossible) and letting some kids down or alternatively having to do a lot of rotation every game day (which annoys the parents who won’t step up, that their little Johnny doesn’t ever get a full game). So while I will be spending a lot of time with Kara while she learns the ins & outs, I won’t be spread thin and it should be an enjoyable season.

Annnnd the Saturday stress has started

Today’s post comes from Northall Park – yeah I didn’t know it existed either! Simon is in the middle for a pre-season Glenora v Glenora game, Bran is running one side line and the rest of us are settled in for a hot 40 minutes.

I’ve found myself a shady spot right next to the school playground. Mase is making friends (that’s my mum. She’s going to give me a new brother. I am? News to me, kid) & Zac is thinking about his creative writing prompt. Bats v Spidy. Who is the best a fighting crime? He thinks Bats. I’m undecided.

I think I’ll make pancakes when I get home.

journalling prompt 11

A long delay in journaling or blogging. Mase has been sick, and we couldn’t control his asthma so ended up at the doctors then Waitakere EDD the following day. A few quiet days at home has finished the process so hopefully this is it for a while.

Good news front – curtains are up in my room (a beautiful soft silver) and Z’s (moleskin or in plain speak, freaking ugly brown). Not in B’s (who chose black to go with his graphic novel theme) but his room is nearly clean enough for me to find the window. Surprisingly, I objected to his floordrobe, and he objected to my objection. Go figure.

League went well too this weekend – my kids all remembered to tackle low, and wait for that second pass. They had to wait a lot longer this week as our opposition wasn’t drilled and very hesitant. I guess that’s the diff between our kids and theirs – most of ours will go all out and have taken their lead from the few that played last year. Plus they are awesome.

I can also report that standing on the Thomas plastic rail track is very nearly as painful as LEGO. There you go, PSA of the year.

Prompt 11: What is the most USEFUL skill you have learnt?


I can’t chose just one – that would be like choosing just one type of book, or fruit, and having to stick with that choice forever. Not going to happen!

So here’s the shortlist:

  • READING gain knowledge, relaxation, entertainment
  • PARENTING still learning this!
  • DRIVING probably shouldn’t have left it until I was nineteen tho – lost opportunities!
  • BLOCKING OUT NOISE try studying for School Cert when the only neighbourhood trampoline was right outside your bedroom window. Means I can drown out the teen/tween fights now, at least until blood is spilt
  • COOKING very useful as I’m well over the toast/packet soup/2 min noodle university days
  • PATIENCE the skill I really need. I keep forgetting to count to ten!

Driven to drink….


It’s been a really long day. Started by finding out the youngest’s league game was not cancelled, so we turned up, panicked a little as we didn’t have enough kids (it’s fifty bucks if you don’t) then the opposition didn’t show. At their home ground, on the other side of Auckland. The notification was at nine am. No points for guessing what time kick off was!

And we have curtains, finally, that each recipient agrees on. Rails tomorrow, and by noon I guess I’ll be completely sick of gathering but in the plus side, I’m not sewing!

Have dinner (lasagne) made, library books exchanged (Mase thinks librarians are cool, as she found him some Cars books he now has a hold on), washing done, floors vac’d…I deserve this drink. I do wish I’d had time to catch up with Zeb or go for a walk tho.

Journal to come. I need to catch up on three prompts now, fail!

A very quick update on my week…

Monday – boring. So standard I couldn’t even think what to take a photo of. Or talk about. Maybe the kids’ homework? The car dashboard? Dunno.
Tuesday – got onto JetStar and brought Si a weekend home very cheap. Brilliantly cheap!
Wednesday – was supposed to be the D Day for work. Instead they didn’t show up, causing a lot of resentment. The email came thru at 1.35pm about when they were coming – it should have been a lot earlier! But I found out I was nominated for the Warriors Women in League so Lynne and I are going to the function and games on Friday. Yay!
Thursday – amazingly, I almost slept thru the night. First time in two weeks and OMG I can see my ankles again! Got called up for my one-on-one late in the morning. Jerome said that he regretted to tell me that my application for X position had been unsuccessful. Said thanks, but actually I didn’t apply for that position. His face was priceless. Honestly, I could have wet my pants laughing – if it wasn’t so tragically Mickey Mouse. Pointed out that in the general meeting the previous day he had said this wasn’t an opportunity for promotion, and that I’d taken this on board. He said he couldn’t remember saying that, but in this light they needed to reconsider my application. Half an hour later, I have a job. I really think that I was going to be made redundant but their error has meant that they can’t. But happy, as now I have a leaving date, parental leave and a job to return to. Everything I wanted!
Friday – Got wolf whistled at and turned around. On seeing my 32 week belly, his mates gave him grief. Bit late, buddy, I said. Still smiling – he didn’t expect that! Then breakfast with Michelle at Divan. Yummy muesli and fruit. Some loose ends to tie up at work and then some business reading. I need to get some chapters read and notes down.


Those of you who are close family members – please hold that smirk to yourself.
I just found a grey hair. Promptly, of course, yanked it out. Then remembered the old wives tale about this making them replicate even faster…

Had a good weekend with excellent effort on the field and lots of help from Louise (who got to watch Twilight in peace and quiet last night, with no little brothers around to comment! Sorry about your Dad, honey, but I can’t control him) and conscripted help from Bran (hopefully that will be the last time he tries to get me up at 4am!); Zac enjoyed his playdate with Cole (they both refused to change or shower out of their playing uniforms!). So a clean and tidy garage – anyone else would park a car in there! – and lots of baby stuff to sort thru and wash. Lots of surplus stuff to list too.

No progress crafting wise but as the other half flies out on Sunday next for three weeks min I hold some hope there…

weekend update

Saturday – one of those rare fine days in league where only one of the boys played – this time it was Bran, up at Hibiscus Coast Raiders. Very relaxing knowing that all I had to do was get him there! We watched the tail end of the Lion Stars play the U7/8 (oh dear, we’ll be coming up against them soon enough) and settled in for the big match.
Bran played very well (and he’s happy with his effort – bonus) – spent the first half on the far wing (converted Blake’s first try) then came off for 10. But when he went back on and scored from one of Louis’ corner kicks on the forth. He had such a big grin on his face as he turned to the sideline to give his coach Calvin two thumbs up. Absolutely priceless.
At the “aftermatch” I got to tell the parents that due to their efforts as well as the boys, the team had been selected to play at Mt Smart on Sunday, between the U20’s and the Warriors. It’s great being able to give positive feedback.
Then spent half an hour with the HBC team management, as they hadn’t been handed the ARL email listing them as playing at Mt Smart on the Sunday. I’m glad we did, as it would have been awful for our boys to get there and not have an opposition.
Quiet afternoon (grouting tiles and napping). Then off to the club for the monthly prize giving which Lynne had mostly organised. Awesome effort and 8 of the eleven junior teams represented, not bad for the first time we’d attempted to have a get-together. Acka had organised Warriors posters and One Tribe drink bottles for prizes and all I had to do was write the certificates and hand everything to Bill to present – neither Lynne nor I wanted to be speaking and sort of pushed him into it. Whoops. But parents should know who the president is, right?!! Sat around after talking to various people then went to collect Louise. Hmm – no answer to phone or text so she hasn’t come home. Again. I wish I could have said it was a surprise but sadly it’s not!

Sunday – had a bit of a sleep in (rough night) then painted sealant on some of the tile grout while Si worked on the other wall. The boys disgraced themselves and ended up having nana naps. Zac & I took Si & Bran to Mt Smart (couldn’t all afford to go, dammit) then went home to get some boring stuff done. Bran played well (no stage fright, although it was his third time playing in front of the crowd). We tried to watch at home but the stats boards kept coming up on the TV. Could hear the crowd cheering so knew it was a good match! Found out later they won 12 tries to 6.

When we picked them up we headed out south – we’d arranged to spend time at Murray & Emma’s house as she’s now moved in. Pretty cool to see things as how Muz described in November (laughing still at the size of the TV) and the kids as usual got on like a house on fire. Went to Jolly Roger in Pine Harbour for tea (the builders forgot to run the gas line, so Emma still doesn’t have a cooktop!) then back to the house. Z won at Buzz (much crowing) and I would like to think that I won the ball fight! Got home very late but happy.