not sure what’s up?

Well, you’d be in good company. I am still exhausted despite having four days IN A ROW away from work. Alex is sure it’s a lack of vitamin D (we work down Skid Row, there is NO natural light) but I go for walks every lunchtime and basked in the sun over the time off, like a fat fluffy cat. I am going to schedule in a haircut and optician to eliminate both from the potential headache causes but I am beginning to think it could be the medical treatment I opted for in November.  The haircut however is totally necessary – the ends reach my waist and if I don’t fasten it up at night I roll over and yank it accidently – not conducive to a good night’s sleep!


Not sleeping has been partially caused by a Banshee binge or two. Or three. I love that show, especially Job. Hoon Lee plays him perfectly; snide comments and all (even that 80’s electric blue eyeshadow). Also I loved Outrageous Fortune when it was on our TV screens (so very, very stereotypical West Auckland) and the same guy, Antony Starr, who plays the lead character Lucas from Banshee played the twins in OF. I am also reading heaps of magazines and other fluffy things, altho I have the latest Nora Roberts & Karen Kingsbury’s downloaded to my Sony, ready for when I can concentrate on something that is more than 1500 words.

Saturday games went well; Z’s team is now 2 from 2 and mine is well, playing. It’s non-competition and I think it will be a few more weeks before the focus goes on participation for a couple of the families. I have now been doing the manager role for long enough (and there were some AWFUL parents last year) so I have gained a certain numbness when it comes to behaviour. Not every kid can play a full game and I juggle – and I only wish that they would notice that my kid is always rotated off for a period. However this year’s batch is so much nicer & considerate and I shouldn’t have any sideline worries.

B also had his second ref assessment and it appears to have gone OK – either that or Craig was being too generous, shivering away in his overcoat (& looking at Mase eating his ice cream like he was from another planet – Saturday was not tropical at all in Auckland!). I was grateful to not be watching his game (B was probably thinking the same LOL) as I am so nervous that he will let something go and/or cop abuse; too many people think they know the rules and aren’t smart enough to actually shut up and learn for themselves. It’s too easy to blame someone else when your kid drops the ball repeatedly! It’s even easier when you know the kid that is the ref – this particular game was Z’s team so some of the adults involved have known B since he was eight. One more positive assessment to go.

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