MISSING: Sleep. Reward?

I synced my Polar Loop today for the first time in around 6 weeks and noticed something. I haven’t had an uninterrupted sleep in AGES. Since February. By uninterrupted, I mean more than 5 ½ hours in a night. Firstly Si was sick, then me, then Mase and then it was so humid it was ridiculous.  Now the weather is turning to cold (about time, it’s mid-Autumn yet the roses are going strong, as are the summer herbs which is ridiculous) and all I want to do is hibernate. Four days away from the office was not enough. Roll on this Thursday!

I had a social media free weekend, apart from posting the one pic of my “babies”, the Under Six league boys from Saturday. You’ve got to be quick to get photos before they muddy up the uniform! We ended up combining the two teams this week (delights of starting organised sport during school holidays) & it was fun. Plenty of parent support and despite the other coach throwing 11 players on the field at once, we found the gaps and the kids scored plenty of tries – including Mase, who scored his first ever! He couldn’t believe he got over the line and stood there as if to say “now what?” Better still, the defence lessons showed and I was very, very impressed. If they carry on like this (listening and having fun) we are going to have an awesome, awesome season. Char is organising an oranges roster (another weight gone) so all I have to do is remember the player of the day prize.

Stitching wise I have sorted out the seven spots for the Mirabilia RR, and basted the piece so I know where everything will go. The basting lines even matched up first time! I am stitching the outer border altho it isn’t important to get this completed before I send it as long as I stash those threads (batch dye matching is very important!). I would like to get my rectangle completed too but that’s up to the kids more than anything; I seem to spend all my “spare” time refereeing fights or trying to hide. I also hate my kitchen right now so dinner is hard work. We are trying to teach B to be responsible and it’s uphill. He is on clean up until he gets it right i.e. loads the dishwasher, cleans anything else outstanding, clears the table and wipes the benches. We keep finding dirty plates in the pantry (ick!) and the sink full. And he wonders why I won’t top up his cell phone! I am grateful he hasn’t found this on google yet:


I did a 50% water change on the tank last night; we needed to move the coffee table over to make room for the couch layout. One of the first things I did this morning was count them all – phew everyone survived! Fingers crossed they are all still swimming when I get home.

5 thoughts on “MISSING: Sleep. Reward?

  1. Wow, what a lovely busy post 🙂 I was a little confused about the 50% water change, until I realised you were talking about fish! I was wondering how kids could die from moving the couch!

  2. I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite posts from you. Maybe it’s all the energy that bursts forth through your writing despite your obvious need of sleep. Maybe I like the way you write about the tank in a way that makes me feel like I missed something so I go back and really try to understand what you were saying (I’m with gladeridercrafts in thinking you were talking about the kids at first!). Or maybe it’s the Dobby picture. Regardless, I like it. 🙂 Just thought you should know.

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