Hi Five for Friday!

I’m feeling so so grateful right now. Here are some things I love this week:

  1. The doctor & physio are on the same wavelength & ACC has approved the claim. I have a referral to a hand specialist already!
  2. Simon fixed my old tapestry stand. It took me about an hour to attach the fabric to the strips on the frame (I kept stopping to rest my hand and to oogle the sheds in George Clarke’s Shed of the Year) & I will have to learn to stitch either with two hands or left handed, but I will be able to stitch! Next step is to sort out a smaller frame so I can stitch smaller projects.
  3. The forecast for the weekend is awesome. School fundraiser fireworks show tonight, bonfire at the FIL’s hobby farm tomorrow. Neither will be rained out.
  4. Plenty of flowers on my dwarf apple, and lots of bumble bees!
  5. I started shopping for the 12 Days of Simon that I will do again in December. I have a set of Jelly Moulds (that will be day 8, as there are 8 moulds) & a T ornament (for his last name).
  6. While one of the fish I brought last week didn’t thrive, it was easy to get a replacement. Meet Refund (the grey gourami, he’s very curious about hoomans) and Reward (the yellow gourami, I used my reward voucher to pay for him). Yay for Animates.


Today was a Good Day

Woke up late – eep! Three degrees outside and the cars were covered in ice (I’m such a jaffa now. No more Southland blood left)


It was about half a cm thick on the Toy Car.

Got to New Lynn and the babes were awesome. Lots of quick passes and offloads; bring at the Fox game last week must have been good inspiration


one thing about cold mornings is the bonus of full sun for the rest of the day.

This afternoon someone pulled up injured so Bran ran the line at the Pt Chev Fox game!  Not many 15 yo would get that opportunity. I stayed to watch for a little while (Si was on the other line) then Mase, Zac and I went to Animates to fish browse.

We brought 8 guys home (& I nearly picked up another tank for the kitchen). Three Black Widow tetras and five Neons. Neons are tiny!


Black Widow tetra; I think it looks like a Barb


Hopefully I don’t kill these guys too soon.

New Tank Additions

On Sunday we drove past the Hollywood Fish Farm in Mt Roskill and had to make a stop. After the great pH debacle (lost six fish) the tank was looking more than a little empty and it wasn’t hard to convince Si that we need some more fish (he enjoys looking at the tank, but doesn’t like any of the maintenance or feeding needed).

Mase wanted to check that Big Clary was still alive (he is on a morbid drive at the moment). She/He was. Phew. I don’t want to be having that conversation – which I nearly did after Z casually commented that BC would feed a small family (he’s right, but it wasn’t the right place or time to open his mouth!).

This store is so relaxing. There are marine, cold water, tropical (high or standard ph) and turtle set-ups. Like Animates, you can buy a huge range of extra stuff but the fish range is a bit wider. I FINALLY got myself a Port Hoplo catfish (I’ve been wanting one for about 2 years). B chose a shark – I did manage to talk him out of another Red Tailed with the help of the sales assistant (they are more aggressive than other small tropical sharks) so he had a specific Rainbow in mind. Si chose dwarf gouramis but as they are reasonably expensive we’re going to get another two next month – he came home with a Cobalt Blue which shimmers beautifully. He looks grumpy as tho – like the cat!

All three seem to have settled in nicely, eating and not hiding in the caverns of the plane. It’s nice to see some more colour in there. The kids have already named them – Spot, Sharkie & Blue. No points for guessing which is which.

rainbow shark cobalt hoplo

Perhaps as it is St Paddy’s day we should have brought in something green…