WIP Wednesday

I’ve had to frog a bit (missed two lines of one colour) but Persephone is marching along nicely now that I’ve finished the confetti that makes up her hair. This is after six stitching nights:


The other piece is Debbie’s RR, with Jacqui’s addition being the Moonlight Laguna mermaid. I am thinking I’ll stitch a portion of Mediterranean Mermaid, as I have that kitted up as my hospital WIP.

I also joined in another FB group today – surely I must be hitting some kind of threshold soon! This one is for the Christmas Couriers (my Sleigh belongs to that group of patterns). Hopefully some inspiration to get more reindeer done! Or… Maybe I use them as the theme for my NZ RR?

Lastly here’s Mase at training tonight. He’s thriving in this group. And I laugh so much on Wednesday nights. It’s a great bunch of kids.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

    • Nah – my own fault. I was drooling over the scenery in the new Poldark (sea & land of Cornwall, not him altho he is a bit hot) and just miscounted the half stitches. Stupid but caught early!

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