Tablets vs Paper Charts

a friend of mine takes her tablet everywhere and uses a Reader app to high-light her charts as she stitches – no more highlighter on the linen! I tried this with my android (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2) and couldn’t get the same effect (she has an iPad) but by chance I stumbled across this post today –

It’s brilliant. I was only doing one thing wrong – not saving my scan chart to the SD card. Trish2

Guess what I’ll be doing tonight! No more stressing, hopefully!

And league season starts officially this weekend. Already? I am so blessed as one supplier is giving me water bottles for the babes; and another set of parents has stepped up to coach/manage the second team. I was worried about being in two places at once (impossible) and letting some kids down or alternatively having to do a lot of rotation every game day (which annoys the parents who won’t step up, that their little Johnny doesn’t ever get a full game). So while I will be spending a lot of time with Kara while she learns the ins & outs, I won’t be spread thin and it should be an enjoyable season.

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