A very quick update on my week…

Monday – boring. So standard I couldn’t even think what to take a photo of. Or talk about. Maybe the kids’ homework? The car dashboard? Dunno.
Tuesday – got onto JetStar and brought Si a weekend home very cheap. Brilliantly cheap!
Wednesday – was supposed to be the D Day for work. Instead they didn’t show up, causing a lot of resentment. The email came thru at 1.35pm about when they were coming – it should have been a lot earlier! But I found out I was nominated for the Warriors Women in League so Lynne and I are going to the function and games on Friday. Yay!
Thursday – amazingly, I almost slept thru the night. First time in two weeks and OMG I can see my ankles again! Got called up for my one-on-one late in the morning. Jerome said that he regretted to tell me that my application for X position had been unsuccessful. Said thanks, but actually I didn’t apply for that position. His face was priceless. Honestly, I could have wet my pants laughing – if it wasn’t so tragically Mickey Mouse. Pointed out that in the general meeting the previous day he had said this wasn’t an opportunity for promotion, and that I’d taken this on board. He said he couldn’t remember saying that, but in this light they needed to reconsider my application. Half an hour later, I have a job. I really think that I was going to be made redundant but their error has meant that they can’t. But happy, as now I have a leaving date, parental leave and a job to return to. Everything I wanted!
Friday – Got wolf whistled at and turned around. On seeing my 32 week belly, his mates gave him grief. Bit late, buddy, I said. Still smiling – he didn’t expect that! Then breakfast with Michelle at Divan. Yummy muesli and fruit. Some loose ends to tie up at work and then some business reading. I need to get some chapters read and notes down.

One thought on “A very quick update on my week…

  1. Hi! Sorry, I just read you comment on my blog! I stitched the pages together AFTER putting in the photos. I did it layer by layer, starting with the bottom row. It was fairly easy. I glued the front and back images together so that they wouldn't shift.

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