Driven to drink….


It’s been a really long day. Started by finding out the youngest’s league game was not cancelled, so we turned up, panicked a little as we didn’t have enough kids (it’s fifty bucks if you don’t) then the opposition didn’t show. At their home ground, on the other side of Auckland. The notification was at nine am. No points for guessing what time kick off was!

And we have curtains, finally, that each recipient agrees on. Rails tomorrow, and by noon I guess I’ll be completely sick of gathering but in the plus side, I’m not sewing!

Have dinner (lasagne) made, library books exchanged (Mase thinks librarians are cool, as she found him some Cars books he now has a hold on), washing done, floors vac’d…I deserve this drink. I do wish I’d had time to catch up with Zeb or go for a walk tho.

Journal to come. I need to catch up on three prompts now, fail!

3 thoughts on “Driven to drink….

  1. That is just Life isn’t it … no failing I’m sure! Anyway … then I ‘failed’ too because of having the electrician making loads more dust clouds in my kitchen yesterday and didn’t finish it till 11pm last night so I’ve only just posted it in Summer Journal and haven’t looked at my blog since Thursday !!! Looks like nice wine by the way

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