weekend update

Saturday – one of those rare fine days in league where only one of the boys played – this time it was Bran, up at Hibiscus Coast Raiders. Very relaxing knowing that all I had to do was get him there! We watched the tail end of the Lion Stars play the U7/8 (oh dear, we’ll be coming up against them soon enough) and settled in for the big match.
Bran played very well (and he’s happy with his effort – bonus) – spent the first half on the far wing (converted Blake’s first try) then came off for 10. But when he went back on and scored from one of Louis’ corner kicks on the forth. He had such a big grin on his face as he turned to the sideline to give his coach Calvin two thumbs up. Absolutely priceless.
At the “aftermatch” I got to tell the parents that due to their efforts as well as the boys, the team had been selected to play at Mt Smart on Sunday, between the U20’s and the Warriors. It’s great being able to give positive feedback.
Then spent half an hour with the HBC team management, as they hadn’t been handed the ARL email listing them as playing at Mt Smart on the Sunday. I’m glad we did, as it would have been awful for our boys to get there and not have an opposition.
Quiet afternoon (grouting tiles and napping). Then off to the club for the monthly prize giving which Lynne had mostly organised. Awesome effort and 8 of the eleven junior teams represented, not bad for the first time we’d attempted to have a get-together. Acka had organised Warriors posters and One Tribe drink bottles for prizes and all I had to do was write the certificates and hand everything to Bill to present – neither Lynne nor I wanted to be speaking and sort of pushed him into it. Whoops. But parents should know who the president is, right?!! Sat around after talking to various people then went to collect Louise. Hmm – no answer to phone or text so she hasn’t come home. Again. I wish I could have said it was a surprise but sadly it’s not!

Sunday – had a bit of a sleep in (rough night) then painted sealant on some of the tile grout while Si worked on the other wall. The boys disgraced themselves and ended up having nana naps. Zac & I took Si & Bran to Mt Smart (couldn’t all afford to go, dammit) then went home to get some boring stuff done. Bran played well (no stage fright, although it was his third time playing in front of the crowd). We tried to watch at home but the stats boards kept coming up on the TV. Could hear the crowd cheering so knew it was a good match! Found out later they won 12 tries to 6.

When we picked them up we headed out south – we’d arranged to spend time at Murray & Emma’s house as she’s now moved in. Pretty cool to see things as how Muz described in November (laughing still at the size of the TV) and the kids as usual got on like a house on fire. Went to Jolly Roger in Pine Harbour for tea (the builders forgot to run the gas line, so Emma still doesn’t have a cooktop!) then back to the house. Z won at Buzz (much crowing) and I would like to think that I won the ball fight! Got home very late but happy.

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