journalling prompt 11

A long delay in journaling or blogging. Mase has been sick, and we couldn’t control his asthma so ended up at the doctors then Waitakere EDD the following day. A few quiet days at home has finished the process so hopefully this is it for a while.

Good news front – curtains are up in my room (a beautiful soft silver) and Z’s (moleskin or in plain speak, freaking ugly brown). Not in B’s (who chose black to go with his graphic novel theme) but his room is nearly clean enough for me to find the window. Surprisingly, I objected to his floordrobe, and he objected to my objection. Go figure.

League went well too this weekend – my kids all remembered to tackle low, and wait for that second pass. They had to wait a lot longer this week as our opposition wasn’t drilled and very hesitant. I guess that’s the diff between our kids and theirs – most of ours will go all out and have taken their lead from the few that played last year. Plus they are awesome.

I can also report that standing on the Thomas plastic rail track is very nearly as painful as LEGO. There you go, PSA of the year.

Prompt 11: What is the most USEFUL skill you have learnt?


I can’t chose just one – that would be like choosing just one type of book, or fruit, and having to stick with that choice forever. Not going to happen!

So here’s the shortlist:

  • READING gain knowledge, relaxation, entertainment
  • PARENTING still learning this!
  • DRIVING probably shouldn’t have left it until I was nineteen tho – lost opportunities!
  • BLOCKING OUT NOISE try studying for School Cert when the only neighbourhood trampoline was right outside your bedroom window. Means I can drown out the teen/tween fights now, at least until blood is spilt
  • COOKING very useful as I’m well over the toast/packet soup/2 min noodle university days
  • PATIENCE the skill I really need. I keep forgetting to count to ten!

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