Hi Five for Friday!

High FiveLISTENING: Picked up an audio book that I can’t remember reading in print – JD Robb’s Indulgence in Death. Great for drowning out the routine crap at work.

READING: Planning on getting into The Fringe Hours this weekend as I’m just about finished Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. This week was potentially not the week to think about ditching survival! Since I started one change (setting the alarm half-an-hour earlier) I’ve been woken by family at least two hours earlier…sorry peeps, but there won’t be a review tomorrow.

CRAFTING: Working on Keely’s RR still (no stitching since Tuesday!) and waiting for the next Mira one to hit me. I also brought Summer Queen of someone who was destashing. I want to convert her colours from the blue to rich, adult-y pinks, kind-of like Debra Foxx did. Which leads me nicely into…

ANTICIPATING: I signed up to “16 in 16” – a facebook group based on encouragement to finish 16 WIPs in 2016. The only problem is that I don’t have 16 WIPs! But I have an excuse to start some more pieces!

CELEBRATING: 6 days in a row of little sleep but still getting to my Steptember goal. So far, that’s 117.3km walked. Pretty happy with that!

Debra Foxx Fuschia Summer Queen

Debra Foxx Fuschia Summer Queen


changed 939 to 154
changed 924 to 902
changed color 3810 to 915
changed color 597 to 718
changed color 598 to 3608
symbol circle with dot in center 3608 & white
changed color 902 to 550
changed 915 to 552

No bead changes were made.
changed color 718 to 553
changed color 3608 to 554

summer queen blue

Original colours

Hi Five for Friday!

LISTENING: to Elise Joy podcasts about creativity, taking a leap, changing focus www.elisejoy.com or via iTunes and a lot more of radio than iPod – www.lifefm.co.nz

READING: I have a few I just read the first chapter of – and some I want to dive into but I just am not in the headspace. There’s a review for a gentle series scheduled for tomorrow and I’m in book 6 of another I need to schedule for next week. Any suggestions gratefully accepted – I just can’t do deep right now.

20150909_171137SHOPPING: for seeds – this is my haul from Kings this week. I’ll be able to mass plant lavender for minimal cost. And be giving away parsley. Lots of parsley.

CRAFTING: Getting into this RR. I’m thinking beads for the falling snow – and then I remember that it isn’t my piece!20150911_085354

DOING: Wrapping up the 80% portion of being a rep team manager. There are some people making it a lot harder than it needs to be – and getting texts after 11 at night is getting old. First game tomorrow!


CELEBRATING: My first donation for Steptember! Not too late – you can view my progress here http://bit.ly/1JuNI9k  I’ve done over 100K steps since it began!

PLOTTING: I’m at 110 followers – thank you! I love hearing from you – and I said I’d do a giveaway at 111. Time to start thinking – it might have to be crafty and booky!

High 5 4 Friday!


My list is a little late today but that’s because I have so much to be grateful for!


A day off. It meant walking to school with Mase ( in my new Puma Ignite shoes, I love them already). Talking. Taking time to smell the flowers (he’s hamming it up for y’all. I told him I’d post it on the blog). Unexpected time with my daughter and watching then play. Getting to 10000 steps for Steptember.

It’s been a really good day.

28/8 Hi Five for Friday!

LISTENING: TobyMac (eclectic Christian artist with a recent release but solid back-catalogue) and of course, Elise’s podcasts.


READING: I finished Anchored (review to come) and started something I thought might be fluffy but has turned out to be a very thought-provoking romance series from Susan May Warren. Self-forgiveness. Massive concept. Her Christiansen family series, in case you’re looking for something new-ish.

CRAFTING: well not yet,but I love this suggestion from Simply Vanella about what I could do with my black linen. Isn’t this perfect?

DW2886 chalkboard cross stitch


Also I found this ceramic owl HALF PRICE at Farmers so I can re-create one of Carols photos. Think I will choose Serenity, as that is my OLW for this year.


DOING: Celebrating. Mason’s awesome anniversary report. Zac’s official rep selection for one of the Auckland U12/13 restricted weight sides. A bunch of awesome parents in this rep side. LAST Under 6 game for the season tomorrow – it’s been a long year! Freebie December Daily foundation pages (OK, they started out as lotto ticket wallets but that’s two standard and two pocket pages right there, peeps – and I left the lady looking up Ali & Becky’s websites). Springtime flowers seen during lunchtime walks.

Let me know what you find to celebrate this week!

High 5 4 Friday!

LISTENING: The new CD from Rend Collective is out today (NZ time). A quote from their blog: importantly, we belong to a larger family, and that family includes you. The children of God have always been a people on the move, driven by a mission and a purpose. We aren’t part of a social club, but we’re given a charge from the Father: to share His love with the world.

 As Christians we know this world is not our home. We’re all on a lifelong journey that ends on greater shores. Until that day our purpose is clear, and our companionship is the family of God. He’s given us each other to encourage, rebuke, care for, weep with, hug, pray for, and laugh with. It’s so purposefully beautiful.


READING: I’ve re-discovered the love of the library stack. I managed to get the one I really wanted from Elise Blaha Cripe’s recommends, which is The Dirty Life & started that one this morning. Review next week of The Feast Nearby.


KITCHEN: I love having fresh herbs to hand. I’ve grown basil and Italian parsley this year, and taken cuttings & potted up even more basil for friends. The pot on the left? That’s from the sage seeds that were given to me. Smart cookies will be able to tell that it’s carrots. I couldn’t tell until it came to about six week’s growth. I left a couple in anyway. And the thyme was picked up and re-potted. Thyme on pizza or even garlic bread is yummy. I also have two rosemary – one outside that was allowed to flower for the bees and one inside that is for cooking.


Also par-baked bread rolls now my breadmaker is toast (pardon me).


CRAFTING: Life. Changed. Typo have erasable highlighters that aren’t so moist that they go thru the page. Brilliant for my working copies. Plenty of colours and cheap at 4 for $6.

SHOPPING: I found this print yesterday at Typo when all I intended to do was show Simon a funny set of magnets. $15! Bargain.


CELEBRATING: the letter from college arrived yesterday. Look at that! Isn’t it awesome? So proud of how much Zac achieved already.


Life is good. Hope you find something to celebrate today too!

14/08 Hi Five for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: to the No Such Thing As A Fish podcasts. Funny & factual. I actually prefer this to the parent show which is QI. You can get the podcasts thru iTunes or at http://qi.com/podcast/


READING: absolute crap. I need a recommend!

PINNING: Eh yeah – playing on Instagram too much instead!

CRAFTING: Small, small start to the next Mira RR. I need to get my head around stitching the “wrong” way for me, which is / then \. I’m stitching Spring Queen in the space above Winter. I must admit my OCD is itching as the person owning this piece said to plop the Queens in any order!

20150813_134015 20150813_205438

DOING: Banging my head on the desk. How many ways can you tell a vendor that if they didn’t charge you for an unordered product (which we didn’t add to the order, we had them collect it) then we can’t generate a credit claim?!

Hi Five for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: to Elise Joy podcasts about creativity, taking a leap, changing focus www.elisejoy.com or via iTunes

Elises Site

READING: blogs more than books. I especially loved this one from Carol this week, about the owls in Birmingham. I think public art projects like this are the bomb. I’m looking at the Warehouse this weekend for a little owl that I can use for my own version of Tea T Owl. https://aslightobsessionwithbooks.wordpress.com/


PINNING: Minion party ideas. See my “party theme” board on Pinterest. Yes, I know, the theme changed.

CRAFTING: Slooooooow progress on Tapestry Cat’s border, quick progress filling in her body. This is what she will look like when I’m eventually finished. Hopefully before 2020.

TC finished

DOING: Trying to catch up on six days of delivery errors while staying up-to-date with this week’s issues. I started out Monday with 361 emails, last night at 126. Plus all the reporting is done, including next week’s supplier reviews. WIN!

High 5 for Friday!


Visiting: today I’m meeting up with Angela from the NZ XS group. She lives very locally, on a farm. Looking forward to it!

Stitching: Blitzen, & incredibly curious about Angela’s choices for the RR. Plus must give Tapestry Cat some love. Watching the progress Theresa Wenztler is making on Illuminata is amazing. Designers don’t get enough kudos or money.

Pinning: lots of gorgeous things

Paying: bills. I’m grateful I have a good job that I enjoy and that enables me to help look after my family.

Watching: not a lot. Think I’ll have a NCIS binge. Yay for DVDs



High 5 for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: I’m having a David Bowie moment – today is the anniversary of when he retired Ziggy Stardust.

READING: wanting to read The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner (blog: http://fringehours.com/) and Anchored by Kayla Aimee (http://www.anchoredhopebook.com/) but in the meantime, there were new releases this week from Kristen Ashley, Jaci Burton & Jill Shalvis to read.

PINNING: not much – just a couple of things for my One Little Word. I did look back to some of my first pins & thought – hey cool! Now I have Mase’s birthday theme. And I think I should print this Batman one out & paint it on canvas for Bran’s room!

2f7a667a075a0aa1d51e7fa8ee164996 mickey

CRAFTING: absofreaking nothing. I know – and I am supposed to post my NZ RR piece today. That won’t happen; I’ll do it Monday and only take my stitching with me tomorrow for the huge gap between the boys’ games.

DOING: procrastinating. I have some legal stuff to do today and a presentation to hone, and I don’t want to touch either. Sigh.

I would also like to report that I haven’t had chocolate at work for three days. I’m not sure what this means but it can’t be good.

High 5 for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: to TobyMac, Olly Murs, TayTay (can’t get away from her!), Ministry of Sound – iPod is on shuffle today.

READING: The Gamble by Kristen Ashley and Empress Dowager Cixi by Jung Chang. I know virtually nothing about Chinese history, so it’s interesting. I keep having to text Wenjie to ask how to pronounce things tho! Cixi – She Sea. You’ve learnt something today too.

gamble Cixi

PINNING: far too much! Kitchen tables made from old wooden doors, cross stitch stuff, One Little Word stuff – or stealing it from other blogs.

broken fence

CRAFTING: only seven sleeps before I need to post my NZ RR piece. Haven’t sorted out the signature panels yet!

DOING: Procrastinating about work, finally updating my job description and “just in case I get hit by a bus or win Lotto” manual. It will feel good once I’ve completed it. Or so I keep telling myself!

CELEBRATING: I brought a skirt yesterday (I know). It is a design I’ve wanted for a while but couldn’t find (I know). It was on sale (I know). There was another 30% off (I KNOW!). I must have got one of the last as it’s no longer on their website, but there are still some lovely things at www.maxshop.com

SPOILING SIMON: I’m picking up some new footy boots for him today. Coincidently it’s at a Rebel right opposite Ribbon Rose. Score!

LOSING COUNT: Of the ammt of times I have touched my kids this week. Was so grumpy at B this morning but I am grateful that I can be grumpy at him. Does that make sense? Besides, it was mildly satisfying this morning to whack on his bedroom light and strip the covers off at 6am – offset the feelings I had when looking at the kitchen!

LOSING COUNT PART II: Yes, this is more than 5. So what?