High 5 4 Friday!

LISTENING: The new CD from Rend Collective is out today (NZ time). A quote from their blog: importantly, we belong to a larger family, and that family includes you. The children of God have always been a people on the move, driven by a mission and a purpose. We aren’t part of a social club, but we’re given a charge from the Father: to share His love with the world.

 As Christians we know this world is not our home. We’re all on a lifelong journey that ends on greater shores. Until that day our purpose is clear, and our companionship is the family of God. He’s given us each other to encourage, rebuke, care for, weep with, hug, pray for, and laugh with. It’s so purposefully beautiful.


READING: I’ve re-discovered the love of the library stack. I managed to get the one I really wanted from Elise Blaha Cripe’s recommends, which is The Dirty Life & started that one this morning. Review next week of The Feast Nearby.


KITCHEN: I love having fresh herbs to hand. I’ve grown basil and Italian parsley this year, and taken cuttings & potted up even more basil for friends. The pot on the left? That’s from the sage seeds that were given to me. Smart cookies will be able to tell that it’s carrots. I couldn’t tell until it came to about six week’s growth. I left a couple in anyway. And the thyme was picked up and re-potted. Thyme on pizza or even garlic bread is yummy. I also have two rosemary – one outside that was allowed to flower for the bees and one inside that is for cooking.


Also par-baked bread rolls now my breadmaker is toast (pardon me).


CRAFTING: Life. Changed. Typo have erasable highlighters that aren’t so moist that they go thru the page. Brilliant for my working copies. Plenty of colours and cheap at 4 for $6.

SHOPPING: I found this print yesterday at Typo when all I intended to do was show Simon a funny set of magnets. $15! Bargain.


CELEBRATING: the letter from college arrived yesterday. Look at that! Isn’t it awesome? So proud of how much Zac achieved already.


Life is good. Hope you find something to celebrate today too!

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