Friday Review: 10 Things

Hi everyone! Day 9 of official NZ lockdown, day 14 for us and things are pretty level. We are allowing the kids to do whatever today, although Si is now out with a drop saw, so good luck with the “sleep all day” goal that one of them set!

10thingsThis morning I have been listening to Laura Tremaine. I’ve talked about her work in the past and I’m sure I’ll talk about her in the future – I find her to be real, to show empathy, humorous and good-natured, and I think she’s probably a pretty awesome wife & mum too. This last episode was aptly titled : Marry The Person You Could Quarantine With & I think too, I’m fortunate in my choice.

Laura’s intro is:


I’m Laura Tremaine.

I live in Los Angeles. I’m a reader, a podcaster, a wife, and a mom.

At all times, I have (at least) 10 Things To Tell You. And I know that YOU have 10 Things To Tell.

This place is about connection, with each other and with ourselves. We can only do this by opening our eyes and seeing others and (even harder) by letting ourselves be seen.

Let’s tell our stories.

Let’s share our stuff.

I’ll go first.

Friday Review: Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us

Hey everyone! Hope lockdown is going okay, that you’re not going too crazy & that you’re getting contact with your nearest & dearest.

Right now one of my dearest is Libby, Mase’s Hospice counselor. She rang this morning then they had a Zoom session this afternoon. There’s one scheduled for next week & I’m so grateful.Today’s review isn’t a book. It’s Brene’s new podcast. No surprise that I lurve her work. Research plus stories? Yes please! Her first episode isn’t the initial planned, but it’s about FFT. That first F stands for a bad word, but it’s minimally used during the episode and I’m sure you’ll find something to resonate with, especially in this “new normal” (I’m beginning to hate that phrase).

You can listen in your fav app (I use Podcast Addict on android), or online at

Ep 2 is surprisingly light hearted for the heavy topic. It’s got me hooked. I almost burnt the schnitzel!

Sharing is Caring: Smartest Person podcast

As you know, I listen to quite a few podcasts. One of them is Sorta Awesome, which is made by Megan Tietz & features some regular co-hosts. I love the ridiculous and interesting bits that make up this podcast, and it’s always good to look for the little awesomes in your life (and I am NOT talking kids here. Not).

cover170x170Anyways, Laura Tremaine now has her own podcast, Smartest Person in the Room. It’s available thru iTunes and the android app Podcast Addict (so I’m sure it’s available elsewhere).

Description : Laura Tremaine is not the smartest person in the room, but she knows someone who is. Driven by her belief that we all learn, grow, and become better when we surround ourselves with people who are smarter than us, she’ll take you along to meet people who are brilliant in their fields. With the casual tone of the best dinner party conversation you’ve ever had, Smartest Person in the Room offers fascinating, funny, and thought-provoking learning you won’t want to miss!


Sharing is Caring! Trade in your resolutions for this one thing

I follow Tsh’s podcast (the Simple Show) & her blog. Love how it’s the simple things that can make my life move from good to great. And if you’re curious, my intention this year is to track my stitch spend. So far it’s at $ZERO – I am using what I have. Which is a very very good thing!

“Making my bed is dumb.” I was VERY opinionated about making my bed as a child. “Why spend all that time fixing it up, when I’m just going to get in it again tonight and NO ONE is going to see it anyway?” In what I can only attribute to childhood genius, I even went

Source: Trade in your resolutions for this one thing

14/08 Hi Five for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: to the No Such Thing As A Fish podcasts. Funny & factual. I actually prefer this to the parent show which is QI. You can get the podcasts thru iTunes or at


READING: absolute crap. I need a recommend!

PINNING: Eh yeah – playing on Instagram too much instead!

CRAFTING: Small, small start to the next Mira RR. I need to get my head around stitching the “wrong” way for me, which is / then \. I’m stitching Spring Queen in the space above Winter. I must admit my OCD is itching as the person owning this piece said to plop the Queens in any order!

20150813_134015 20150813_205438

DOING: Banging my head on the desk. How many ways can you tell a vendor that if they didn’t charge you for an unordered product (which we didn’t add to the order, we had them collect it) then we can’t generate a credit claim?!