Hi Five for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: to Elise Joy podcasts about creativity, taking a leap, changing focus www.elisejoy.com or via iTunes

Elises Site

READING: blogs more than books. I especially loved this one from Carol this week, about the owls in Birmingham. I think public art projects like this are the bomb. I’m looking at the Warehouse this weekend for a little owl that I can use for my own version of Tea T Owl. https://aslightobsessionwithbooks.wordpress.com/


PINNING: Minion party ideas. See my “party theme” board on Pinterest. Yes, I know, the theme changed.

CRAFTING: Slooooooow progress on Tapestry Cat’s border, quick progress filling in her body. This is what she will look like when I’m eventually finished. Hopefully before 2020.

TC finished

DOING: Trying to catch up on six days of delivery errors while staying up-to-date with this week’s issues. I started out Monday with 361 emails, last night at 126. Plus all the reporting is done, including next week’s supplier reviews. WIN!

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