High 5 for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: to TobyMac, Olly Murs, TayTay (can’t get away from her!), Ministry of Sound – iPod is on shuffle today.

READING: The Gamble by Kristen Ashley and Empress Dowager Cixi by Jung Chang. I know virtually nothing about Chinese history, so it’s interesting. I keep having to text Wenjie to ask how to pronounce things tho! Cixi – She Sea. You’ve learnt something today too.

gamble Cixi

PINNING: far too much! Kitchen tables made from old wooden doors, cross stitch stuff, One Little Word stuff – or stealing it from other blogs.

broken fence

CRAFTING: only seven sleeps before I need to post my NZ RR piece. Haven’t sorted out the signature panels yet!

DOING: Procrastinating about work, finally updating my job description and “just in case I get hit by a bus or win Lotto” manual. It will feel good once I’ve completed it. Or so I keep telling myself!

CELEBRATING: I brought a skirt yesterday (I know). It is a design I’ve wanted for a while but couldn’t find (I know). It was on sale (I know). There was another 30% off (I KNOW!). I must have got one of the last as it’s no longer on their website, but there are still some lovely things at www.maxshop.com

SPOILING SIMON: I’m picking up some new footy boots for him today. Coincidently it’s at a Rebel right opposite Ribbon Rose. Score!

LOSING COUNT: Of the ammt of times I have touched my kids this week. Was so grumpy at B this morning but I am grateful that I can be grumpy at him. Does that make sense? Besides, it was mildly satisfying this morning to whack on his bedroom light and strip the covers off at 6am – offset the feelings I had when looking at the kitchen!

LOSING COUNT PART II: Yes, this is more than 5. So what?

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