14/08 Hi Five for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: to the No Such Thing As A Fish podcasts. Funny & factual. I actually prefer this to the parent show which is QI. You can get the podcasts thru iTunes or at http://qi.com/podcast/


READING: absolute crap. I need a recommend!

PINNING: Eh yeah – playing on Instagram too much instead!

CRAFTING: Small, small start to the next Mira RR. I need to get my head around stitching the “wrong” way for me, which is / then \. I’m stitching Spring Queen in the space above Winter. I must admit my OCD is itching as the person owning this piece said to plop the Queens in any order!

20150813_134015 20150813_205438

DOING: Banging my head on the desk. How many ways can you tell a vendor that if they didn’t charge you for an unordered product (which we didn’t add to the order, we had them collect it) then we can’t generate a credit claim?!

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