You Can Quote ME

YCQM is a weekly post that is linked to my One Little Word, which for 2015 is Serenity. Here’s a bit of truth for you:

something good in every day

Yesterday seems like a bit of a blur.

  • menu planning/grocery shop. planning yes, shop no. I cleaned out the magazine pile instead.
  • Vacuum/wash floors. vac yes, wash no.
  • Laundry. Ugh. Lots of.
  • Some stitching on my latest project. not much, but a few threads.
  • Potting up some herb cuttings, planting more seed. there’s a new basil cutting planted for Sarah, not much else done. Cleaned kitchen & made two dinners instead.
  • And painting mirror frames black so they match my picture frames. last coat of one is done. Too cold to dry in the proscribed two hours so didn’t touch the other two frames.

High 5 for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: I’m having a David Bowie moment – today is the anniversary of when he retired Ziggy Stardust.

READING: wanting to read The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner (blog: and Anchored by Kayla Aimee ( but in the meantime, there were new releases this week from Kristen Ashley, Jaci Burton & Jill Shalvis to read.

PINNING: not much – just a couple of things for my One Little Word. I did look back to some of my first pins & thought – hey cool! Now I have Mase’s birthday theme. And I think I should print this Batman one out & paint it on canvas for Bran’s room!

2f7a667a075a0aa1d51e7fa8ee164996 mickey

CRAFTING: absofreaking nothing. I know – and I am supposed to post my NZ RR piece today. That won’t happen; I’ll do it Monday and only take my stitching with me tomorrow for the huge gap between the boys’ games.

DOING: procrastinating. I have some legal stuff to do today and a presentation to hone, and I don’t want to touch either. Sigh.

I would also like to report that I haven’t had chocolate at work for three days. I’m not sure what this means but it can’t be good.

July WIPocalypse #1 & You Can Quote Me

Not only is it a new moon, there was also another thing in the sky to look out for.

It’s not as if two worlds will collide tonight — Venus and Jupiter are only converging into a small area of the Earth’s sky. NASA says the two bright planets will be “a jaw-dropping one-third of a degree apart.”

That distance is smaller than the width of a full moon, as seen from Earth’s surface.

“You’ll be able to hide the pair not just behind the palm of your outstretched hand, but behind your little pinky finger,” NASA says.

And unlike some other astronomical phenomena, this convergence should be easily visible: Just look to the west around sunset. That’s where you’ll find Venus and Jupiter, if the sky is relatively clear.

Conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter are far from rare events,” notes But the site adds that tonight’s “unusually close” conjunction is worth seeing — and it adds that this is both the closest and the last pairing between the two planets in the current 24-year cycle.


From our little patch in West Auckland I got a great view, in between the rushing clouds. No photos as I only had the phone so this one’s from Stuff (a local news website). It’s from someone who works at the Observatory at Mt St John near Tekapo:

VJ above Mt St John Tekapo on June 30
July 2 – Topic: Reality or Fantasy. Which do you prefer to stitch? Figures or Abstract? (via Jo)

Today is also the first of the July WIPocalypses. It’s a Blue Moon month as there will be two full moons. I thought about Jo’s question overnight and came to the conclusion that there’s a degree of Fantasy in most of the stitching I do, even if only snow on a Christmas piece (there isn’t usually snow in NZ in December). I haven’t done many Reality pieces unless you can count Mira’s as partial reality – maybe the birds? Sorry Jo, not much of an answer there.

See? Reality with Fantasy.

See? Reality with Fantasy.

But I would much rather stitch or view Figures over Abstract. I read “abstract” and my brain stops at Picasso.

focusAnd last for today, here’s my YCQM. As usual, this ties into my One Little Word, Serenity.  It’s a reminder not to take people’s opinion of me to heart, especially when they read “Christian” and assume “bigot” or “small-minded”. For you it will be something else – that’s the beauty of God’s work. We’re all unique.

High 5 for Friday!

High Five

LISTENING: to TobyMac, Olly Murs, TayTay (can’t get away from her!), Ministry of Sound – iPod is on shuffle today.

READING: The Gamble by Kristen Ashley and Empress Dowager Cixi by Jung Chang. I know virtually nothing about Chinese history, so it’s interesting. I keep having to text Wenjie to ask how to pronounce things tho! Cixi – She Sea. You’ve learnt something today too.

gamble Cixi

PINNING: far too much! Kitchen tables made from old wooden doors, cross stitch stuff, One Little Word stuff – or stealing it from other blogs.

broken fence

CRAFTING: only seven sleeps before I need to post my NZ RR piece. Haven’t sorted out the signature panels yet!

DOING: Procrastinating about work, finally updating my job description and “just in case I get hit by a bus or win Lotto” manual. It will feel good once I’ve completed it. Or so I keep telling myself!

CELEBRATING: I brought a skirt yesterday (I know). It is a design I’ve wanted for a while but couldn’t find (I know). It was on sale (I know). There was another 30% off (I KNOW!). I must have got one of the last as it’s no longer on their website, but there are still some lovely things at

SPOILING SIMON: I’m picking up some new footy boots for him today. Coincidently it’s at a Rebel right opposite Ribbon Rose. Score!

LOSING COUNT: Of the ammt of times I have touched my kids this week. Was so grumpy at B this morning but I am grateful that I can be grumpy at him. Does that make sense? Besides, it was mildly satisfying this morning to whack on his bedroom light and strip the covers off at 6am – offset the feelings I had when looking at the kitchen!

LOSING COUNT PART II: Yes, this is more than 5. So what?

You Can Quote Me

YCQM is a semi-regular blurb, relating to my One Little Word for 2015, Serenity.

Here’s something I need to remember when stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m often worried that I will fail, that I’ll say the wrong thing, that I will offend, that what I’m working on or towards will turn to custard. To keep feeling that serenity, I need to let go & remember I CAN.

faith bigger than fear

Plus here’s something that struck me as funny. Kiwi’s will get the joke but for everyone else, you need to know what a hangi is 🙂


You Can Quote Me


YCQM is an on-going semi-weekly post, based on my One Little Word, Serenity. You would get it weekly, except some weeks I just don’t have my A into G, as my Nana would have said.

Today’s quote is a Maya Angelou. Admittedly I usually only see these on fancy or fluffy gift cards, but here’s one you can stitch. Thanks to Loretta from Stitching The Night Away – it was on her weekly newsletter. To subscribe (she has recipes!) follow the links on her site.

First of May, first of May…

I won’t complete the line from an old Jilly Cooper book in case it offends anyone, but today is (for me) one of those earworm days. I also have the same experience on the 4th, only it’s Luke etc saying “May the Fourth be with you”.

I know. You really needed to know that.

I thought I would trial listing my goals for the month. If I crash & burn, it’s likely to be the last goal list, but here goes nothing.


  • Complete Ali’s April prompts for One Little Word
  • Print out the last 10 days before Christmas & journal to complete my December Daily for 2014
  • Bead the night sky on Stargazer (which is only 4-6 hours at the most!)
  • Start & finish the C fairy for framing; it’s the MIL’s birthday in six weeks so this is priority!
  • Complete my portion on Jacqui’s RR (hoping it’s leaving Scotland today/tomorrow) – second priority
  • Chose & stitch a “Small” for the Smalls SAL

Nice to do’s:

  • Finish the stitching & beading on Mediterranean Mermaid
  • Sort out what my next big Mira will be

So that’s just three starts this month (one being a Small, and one being not much bigger as our limit was 2500 stitches) and hopefully four stitching finishes. Sounds doable.

You Can Quote Me

Getting back on track with my timeliness!

Today is part of my year-long One Little Word,  Serenity. Long time followers (or indeed anyone who has kids or works in a manic environment – oh look, everybody then!) knows that I am often looking to find a moment of peace.

Here’s something added to my pinterest board today. It’s going on my office wall today too. Visual aids!


You Can Quote Me

Often we need to go to our special place. A place that rejuvenates us. It may be a place where we do something specific, talk to a certain someone, listen to something, just be ourselves.

It’s far too easy to forget to go to this place when we lead busy lives. REMINDER TO SELF: it’s really, really important to allow yourself this time & place.

So go on, get to your place this weekend. Hope it sets you up for a positive, productive week ahead.

toes in! paddling at Eastern Beach, Auckland

toes in! paddling at Eastern Beach, Auckland. Looking for, finding Serenity.