You Can Quote ME

YCQM is a weekly post that is linked to my One Little Word, which for 2015 is Serenity. Here’s a bit of truth for you:

something good in every day

Yesterday seems like a bit of a blur.

  • menu planning/grocery shop. planning yes, shop no. I cleaned out the magazine pile instead.
  • Vacuum/wash floors. vac yes, wash no.
  • Laundry. Ugh. Lots of.
  • Some stitching on my latest project. not much, but a few threads.
  • Potting up some herb cuttings, planting more seed. there’s a new basil cutting planted for Sarah, not much else done. Cleaned kitchen & made two dinners instead.
  • And painting mirror frames black so they match my picture frames. last coat of one is done. Too cold to dry in the proscribed two hours so didn’t touch the other two frames.

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