It’s Called A Day Off Work. Really? – NaBloMoPo eight

It’s Saturday, Saturday, hey hey it’s Saturday…

Yeah, nah. Today I plan to:

  • Sleep in until the luxurious hour of seven. Usually foiled by some berk turning the lounge TV on real loud or fighting over the channel/remote or a craving for coffee.
  • Sort out my personal planner for next year. I am designing my own Project Life planning pages to fit a personal Filofax – let’s see if they work!
  • Clean the fish tank – vacuum gravel, water change, filter media change
  • Get the men to the hairdresser
  • Get some of the excess metal to a scrapyard to pay for the haircuts!
  • Download some books for next week
  • Iron some summer clothes and get the new dress off to the seamstress – it needs about 6 inches hemmed as I am a shorty
  • Download some podcasts for next week
  • Sort out threads for Arezzo so I can continue with the roses
  • Cook, then cool chicken, potato salad etc for tonight’s bonfire at the FIL’s
  • Prepare everything else I need for tonight’s meal
  • Process loads of washing in between everything else

There are no TAB odds as to how much will actually be achieved. Food and scrap metal yes as these will match Si’s priorities but the rest is family dependant. But I brought myself some time – this was written & scheduled yesterday 🙂 while at work too – tut tut!

December Daily prep

Si was out tonight so I started to pull together my DD for this year. The big goal is not to journal every day (I can catch up) but to not spend on the papers etc. I did buy the Stampin’ Up PL 6×8 & a heap of inserts but I want to get some hand dyed fabric from Catherine for the Nora Corbett reindeer, & that needs to be matching so best that I purchase enough for six at the same time.


My cover is deliberately simple. I don’t want this to clash with other stuff on the shelf. Plus I’m not a frills person.


Then a whole heap of stuff for the inside. Mostly a variety of Project Life cards, but the filofax inserts fit too. Brads & flourishes from Kaiser, Basic Grey scraps; this is on a budget.

While I haven’t totally planned each day, I do have a basic layout. And cards will be added once the season is over and they no longer need to be displayed. So write to me, people, & I’ll return the favour.

Planning to succeed. Whoops, that sounds a bit pratty.

oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

I’m currently reading “The Lady in Red” which is a biography about Lady Seymour Worsley, who was the centrepiece of a major Georgian trial in February 1782. Seymour was a contemporary of Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire (yes, that Duchess as in the movie) and until I got to page 141, I didn’t realise her antics far outstripped that of the Duchess. I’d resisted reading any further than a brief synopsis on Amazon, so imagine my eyes popping out of my head…

I started reading as an offshoot of my Tudor reading (Seymour’s husband was a direct descendant of that Worsley) and because I’ve always liked Regency/Georgian history. What I didn’t realise is that this bio is like a train wreck – you know someone’s made an absolute mess of things but you can’t stop reading.

The centrepiece of this is a Criminal Conversion trial against a Maurice George Bisset by Sir Richard Worsley and also Sir Richard’s movement to restrict his wife further, after she had gone against convention and run away with his fellow officer, Bisset. Picture this – Worsley is screened from view in the open court forum of the Court of the King’s Bench. His four lawyers have presented what seems like a water-tight case of adultery and “crim. con.” against Bisset, and he can feel that the jurors are on his side (he was asking an almost impossible sum, twenty thousand pounds damages) and soon all the embarrassment will be over.

Then the defence lawyers, namely one Edward Bearcroft, drop the bomb. As Justice Mansfield has stated, “If a Plantiff encourages, or is privy to, or consenting at all, or contributing to the debauchery of his Wife, or joined in it, he ought not to recover a verdict.”

Bearcroft then starts to reveal Seymour’s marital history. “Prior connections to such an extent that the idea of seduction by the present Defendant was totally done away”.

So this is the bit that I am now up to. Annoyed that I have to put it down and return to my spreadsheets! Altho it is starting to sound a bit like a Women’s Day or Slater/Whale Oil salacious “news” article, ick.

Non-affiliate link:

If you like the thought of this one, also try my absolute fav, the biography of Jane Digby (the cover is coming off, and yes, I actually kept the print version!) Anything by Mary S. Lovell is well worth the hunt.


On other news, tonight is Date Night. We’re off to see Gone Girl (hopefully) dependant on Si’s physio appt.

Stitching – still on the mermaid and I haven’t picked up Stargazer in weeks, if not months. I’m so tired! Yesterday got given some meds and discussed further treatment options. A couple of choices ahead. What is apparent is that I can’t keep up with having an iron level as low as it has been. I didn’t even dare tell the doctor about the dizzy spells.

Stayed up late Sunday to watch the Rabbitohs thump the Bulldogs. WOO HOO! One of the best Grand Finals I’ve seen in a while, courage on the field and little dirty play. The ref also didn’t decide the game, the players did, which is an improvement on some of the season’s games. Mase now wants me to buy him Souths jammies when we go to Sydney later on this year, while B is telling me he was only wearing his Bulldogs gear because it was all he had (cough). Yeah, right.

Project Life – caught up on June, July & August. Need a few hours each weekend and that is hard to find!

Gardening – got all the seedlings out and the weather turned nasty. Resigned to re-sowing the tomatoes and cucumbers. Some basil & Italian parsley that I had on the windowsill are thriving in the old coffee cans. Can’t wait to make my own pesto. The rosemary cuttings that were on the windowsill are doing ok too, out in the pot on the patio. Starting to plan how I will plant out the top end of the section but this is a little restricted, given the stormwater drain running along the fence line.

mad haiku skills

This last week has been a bit of a rush. I clearly didn’t take on board the topic of forgiveness and not holding a grudge, as I was awake all Saturday night so angry at my SIL, who often makes quite derogatory comments very casually and without thought. I had to vent but that went horribly wrong, with me screaming and throwing things at the other half. Not cool. I need to call her on it but I didn’t want to rock the boat at M’s birthday dinner. I’ll have to develop some techniques but right now I have no idea.

The youngest has turned five and LOVES school. He cuddled in last night and went over his homework – hey mum, I get to do this at home too! – and this is a blessing. He got a new, larger, scooter in his haul and wants to ride to school, ‘cause everyone else does (read: five other people in his class do). Grandma will be getting some intense exercise keeping up! I’ll have to take him to the waterfront path at Te Atatu, wide concrete paths and you can see for miles.

Prompt 36: List 5 things you intend to do TODAY

  1. Drink Less Coffee – but sadly this just increased the volume of tea. Helpfully the office coffeemaker went on strike too with a missing seal.
  2. Read – I ploughed through Mary Magdalene by Diana Wallis Taylor. Recommended by a random at the library yesterday. In turn I endorsed the Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers that she was carrying. One of the few fiction I HAD to buy in paper format. I’m mad about Ruth. Awesome woman. Did you know she is only one of five women mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy?
  3. Work – although I am very bad at this today. Stupid people are not using the spreadsheets sent to them, so I am constantly going back for more detail. And stupid suppliers are sending stuff we haven’t ordered, despite me nagging them weekly since April. Same sh*t, different purchase order.
  4. Stitch – I have finished the base pieces of my TW exchange (did two as I changed out some colours to suit the second fabric) which leads me onto #5
  5. Research – the person I’m sending to has finishing skills. I need to step up my game (so doing two might be very, very handy) and research some ornie finishing techniques beyond the norm.

Prompt 26: The answer is ‘Yes!’ What is the question?

Do I like to read? Do I flit from project to project? Do I procrastinate on the housework? Do I love my family? Do I have plans for our house? Do I want a new car? Do I want security around my job (I’m on a maternity contract)? Do I like Calvin & Hobbes? Do I like art? Do I like music? Do I need music and art?

This could go on forever.

Prompt 29: List 5 flowers that you love. Are they in your garden? Will they be in your garden? Have they been in your garden? Why are they your favourites?

I’ve always loved the old roses – you know, the ones that SMELL and grow like mad things. At the old house I had an Alberic de Barbier (1900; have to get a cutting) that bloomed from September thru to May every year. S hates it as it has thorns and does grow massively every year. I’m thinking that I would like this on the fence at the front right of the house, at the end of the parking space and spreading out over the shed. The shed might need reinforcements tho. not the best photo but a good price.

I also have a Fairy rose that I was given when L was born. It’s repotted every few years and I had thought it was dead one house move ago but as I procrastinated (thought of it as housework J) and left the plant alone, a shoot popped up in the garden next to the pot. So it doesn’t look very pretty and I think I should probably just plant it in this garden. Not sure where tho!

Magnolias & Gardenias – I have recently become aware of the beautiful colours and scents. Thinking a magnolia out the front then gardenias along the fence line in between the fruit trees.

I don’t really have other favs. I do not like orchids, or carnations, or lilies and anything else I can pretty much take or leave. Altho I just remembered cherry blossoms. We had a gorgeous tree at Otumoetal and when the wind blew, the petals would float around like confetti.

My planting list is becoming quite large.

Prompt 33:Sand in your toes and grit in the sandwiches. How do you regard the beach?

Beaches for me are cleansing. By the time I’ve walked along the sand, dipped my toes in the sea and just enjoyed, whatever has been bothering me is gone. As I’ve said before Bethells is my favourite “me” beach, but as a family we also enjoy Waiake/Torbay, Cheltenham (very safe for little ones) and the Mount.

Prompt 31: Set 3 goals for next month – these can be home/work/art/journal related – or choose another aspect of your life.

Three – right. Should be easy but I am surrounded by indecision!

  1. Stitch at least 3 times in the week
  2. Sort the kitchen pantry out & make the baking stuff more accessible. Bake!
  3. Start up Project Life again – start with now, work backwards, don’t be focussed on the “picture per day” but on the story as a whole. Complete the journal cards even if I haven’t printed the photo.

Good thing S found my printer cable again. I can’t wait for the android Project Life app – it’s quite tempting to get an iPhone just for this app. Wonder if I could pick one up cheap of Trade Me?

Prompt 35: A Haiku is a simple form of poetry. Three lines – 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables. Write one about Summer – this summer or any summer.

Sand between my toes

Wind rippling in my hair

Gulls cry surrounds me

Writing Motherhood & PL updates

Based on (I think) an Ali Edwards recommendation I ordered Lisa Garrigues’ Writing Motherhood. It’s a workbook/course designed to get you to start writing again, even if it’s just a quick journal each day, despite all the other pressures that might be on you. Of course I ordered the print version and then saw on the jacket that it’s available as an ebook (oh whatever!) and it’s great. Full of starters that you could use to write or conversate with. Brilliant.

  Bran adapted it for Sunday night. It was his birthday and thankfully (as we lost power in the storms) he’d decided to eat out at Fortuna Sky City. We have a tradition when we eat out – everyone takes turns in my notebook to write down their current favourites – which might be anything from TV show to breakfast cereal to toy to car, depending on who helps generate the list. Bran decided that we would journal on our Project Life cards and also the topic, which clearly, was Bran. His categories?
  • Favourite memory of Bran (mine is, I am reliably told, when he was born)
  • Favourite Food to eat with Bran (he relaxed this somewhat and we were allowed to write down where we like to eat with Bran)
  • Favourite TV show to watch with Bran (clearly some forward planning going on here) and lastly,
  • Favourite Place to go with Bran

He was exactly right to choose to put these into our family PL album. I am finding more and more that we are looking back on these and it’s a fantastic way to keep everything together. I know that the kids won’t have their own albums, but when I die, they can copy these as needed. They’ll have school reports, projects, awards, writing notes, tickets, postcards, letters – it’s all in the one place and the pressure is off. I know that they will have the memories when I am gone. That’s amazing peace of mind, considering how little I have. Altho Dad told me a tale on Christmas Day that I had to record – can’t believe I did that! Well, in retrospect, maybe I can…

Promise – layouts will be up once I have the bucks to buy a printer cartridge. Those suckers are expensive.

And recieved an update from Jill. Back on the boat, making me jealous! And still dedicated to the Pirate Gag. Apparently the sword is an antique Iban head hunting sword (which runs me off into GoogleWorld). Awesome. I’d have that white one behind her (no, the BIG one). Bet I could get volunteers to crew it without too much hassle!


One Little Word & Welcome 2011

Long time, no blog. I guess I allowed myself to get caught up in all the usual rush – Christmas, work, kids, work…I am happy that I kept relitively up-to-date with my Project Life 2010 (only have October and some photos to print and we are done!).

My One Little Word (an Ali Edwards thing) for 2011 is CONTROL. I want to have control at work, at home – keeping to deadlines ( I am pretty good at this anyway work-wise); keeping up to date with PL 2011 as I want this to be P365 and not have monthly highlights as I did for some of 2010; clean out my stash of unfinished projects and be realistic about what I might complete – this might be the time to be ruthless, especially on my stitching patterns; replace my paper books with eBooks – which is already underway; keep to a healthy diet despite the stresses; and any other goals that pop up along the way.

I think however I will be flexible with the PL thing. It is OK to do high-lights – the kids and Si have enjoyed looking back at what we have done, despite the fact that Simon is the biggest critic of the money I spent on that album (it’s about $100 for all the components, with the additional outlay of an acid-free pen and photo priniting). Funny tho that he was the first one to tell me to pull it out on Saturday when we had guests over!

I have started to use the spare parts to get up-to-date on all the other digital photos – 2002 is complete apart from a print I am waiting on from Mum (hi Mum) – and 2003 is complete to August. It’s amazing to see how much I can remember even before I get Si or the kids’ input (gosh, Mase is going to be a mini-Bran all the way). This too is an album we’re all getting a kick out of.

So anyway that’s my goals. No resolutions, just Control. With a little bit of flex 😉