Writing Motherhood & PL updates

Based on (I think) an Ali Edwards recommendation I ordered Lisa Garrigues’ Writing Motherhood. It’s a workbook/course designed to get you to start writing again, even if it’s just a quick journal each day, despite all the other pressures that might be on you. Of course I ordered the print version and then saw on the jacket that it’s available as an ebook (oh whatever!) and it’s great. Full of starters that you could use to write or conversate with. Brilliant.

  Bran adapted it for Sunday night. It was his birthday and thankfully (as we lost power in the storms) he’d decided to eat out at Fortuna Sky City. We have a tradition when we eat out – everyone takes turns in my notebook to write down their current favourites – which might be anything from TV show to breakfast cereal to toy to car, depending on who helps generate the list. Bran decided that we would journal on our Project Life cards and also the topic, which clearly, was Bran. His categories?
  • Favourite memory of Bran (mine is, I am reliably told, when he was born)
  • Favourite Food to eat with Bran (he relaxed this somewhat and we were allowed to write down where we like to eat with Bran)
  • Favourite TV show to watch with Bran (clearly some forward planning going on here) and lastly,
  • Favourite Place to go with Bran

He was exactly right to choose to put these into our family PL album. I am finding more and more that we are looking back on these and it’s a fantastic way to keep everything together. I know that the kids won’t have their own albums, but when I die, they can copy these as needed. They’ll have school reports, projects, awards, writing notes, tickets, postcards, letters – it’s all in the one place and the pressure is off. I know that they will have the memories when I am gone. That’s amazing peace of mind, considering how little I have. Altho Dad told me a tale on Christmas Day that I had to record – can’t believe I did that! Well, in retrospect, maybe I can…

Promise – layouts will be up once I have the bucks to buy a printer cartridge. Those suckers are expensive.

And recieved an update from Jill. Back on the boat, making me jealous! And still dedicated to the Pirate Gag. Apparently the sword is an antique Iban head hunting sword (which runs me off into GoogleWorld). Awesome. I’d have that white one behind her (no, the BIG one). Bet I could get volunteers to crew it without too much hassle!


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