mad haiku skills

This last week has been a bit of a rush. I clearly didn’t take on board the topic of forgiveness and not holding a grudge, as I was awake all Saturday night so angry at my SIL, who often makes quite derogatory comments very casually and without thought. I had to vent but that went horribly wrong, with me screaming and throwing things at the other half. Not cool. I need to call her on it but I didn’t want to rock the boat at M’s birthday dinner. I’ll have to develop some techniques but right now I have no idea.

The youngest has turned five and LOVES school. He cuddled in last night and went over his homework – hey mum, I get to do this at home too! – and this is a blessing. He got a new, larger, scooter in his haul and wants to ride to school, ‘cause everyone else does (read: five other people in his class do). Grandma will be getting some intense exercise keeping up! I’ll have to take him to the waterfront path at Te Atatu, wide concrete paths and you can see for miles.

Prompt 36: List 5 things you intend to do TODAY

  1. Drink Less Coffee – but sadly this just increased the volume of tea. Helpfully the office coffeemaker went on strike too with a missing seal.
  2. Read – I ploughed through Mary Magdalene by Diana Wallis Taylor. Recommended by a random at the library yesterday. In turn I endorsed the Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers that she was carrying. One of the few fiction I HAD to buy in paper format. I’m mad about Ruth. Awesome woman. Did you know she is only one of five women mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy?
  3. Work – although I am very bad at this today. Stupid people are not using the spreadsheets sent to them, so I am constantly going back for more detail. And stupid suppliers are sending stuff we haven’t ordered, despite me nagging them weekly since April. Same sh*t, different purchase order.
  4. Stitch – I have finished the base pieces of my TW exchange (did two as I changed out some colours to suit the second fabric) which leads me onto #5
  5. Research – the person I’m sending to has finishing skills. I need to step up my game (so doing two might be very, very handy) and research some ornie finishing techniques beyond the norm.

Prompt 26: The answer is ‘Yes!’ What is the question?

Do I like to read? Do I flit from project to project? Do I procrastinate on the housework? Do I love my family? Do I have plans for our house? Do I want a new car? Do I want security around my job (I’m on a maternity contract)? Do I like Calvin & Hobbes? Do I like art? Do I like music? Do I need music and art?

This could go on forever.

Prompt 29: List 5 flowers that you love. Are they in your garden? Will they be in your garden? Have they been in your garden? Why are they your favourites?

I’ve always loved the old roses – you know, the ones that SMELL and grow like mad things. At the old house I had an Alberic de Barbier (1900; have to get a cutting) that bloomed from September thru to May every year. S hates it as it has thorns and does grow massively every year. I’m thinking that I would like this on the fence at the front right of the house, at the end of the parking space and spreading out over the shed. The shed might need reinforcements tho. not the best photo but a good price.

I also have a Fairy rose that I was given when L was born. It’s repotted every few years and I had thought it was dead one house move ago but as I procrastinated (thought of it as housework J) and left the plant alone, a shoot popped up in the garden next to the pot. So it doesn’t look very pretty and I think I should probably just plant it in this garden. Not sure where tho!

Magnolias & Gardenias – I have recently become aware of the beautiful colours and scents. Thinking a magnolia out the front then gardenias along the fence line in between the fruit trees.

I don’t really have other favs. I do not like orchids, or carnations, or lilies and anything else I can pretty much take or leave. Altho I just remembered cherry blossoms. We had a gorgeous tree at Otumoetal and when the wind blew, the petals would float around like confetti.

My planting list is becoming quite large.

Prompt 33:Sand in your toes and grit in the sandwiches. How do you regard the beach?

Beaches for me are cleansing. By the time I’ve walked along the sand, dipped my toes in the sea and just enjoyed, whatever has been bothering me is gone. As I’ve said before Bethells is my favourite “me” beach, but as a family we also enjoy Waiake/Torbay, Cheltenham (very safe for little ones) and the Mount.

Prompt 31: Set 3 goals for next month – these can be home/work/art/journal related – or choose another aspect of your life.

Three – right. Should be easy but I am surrounded by indecision!

  1. Stitch at least 3 times in the week
  2. Sort the kitchen pantry out & make the baking stuff more accessible. Bake!
  3. Start up Project Life again – start with now, work backwards, don’t be focussed on the “picture per day” but on the story as a whole. Complete the journal cards even if I haven’t printed the photo.

Good thing S found my printer cable again. I can’t wait for the android Project Life app – it’s quite tempting to get an iPhone just for this app. Wonder if I could pick one up cheap of Trade Me?

Prompt 35: A Haiku is a simple form of poetry. Three lines – 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables. Write one about Summer – this summer or any summer.

Sand between my toes

Wind rippling in my hair

Gulls cry surrounds me

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