It’s Called A Day Off Work. Really? – NaBloMoPo eight

It’s Saturday, Saturday, hey hey it’s Saturday…

Yeah, nah. Today I plan to:

  • Sleep in until the luxurious hour of seven. Usually foiled by some berk turning the lounge TV on real loud or fighting over the channel/remote or a craving for coffee.
  • Sort out my personal planner for next year. I am designing my own Project Life planning pages to fit a personal Filofax – let’s see if they work!
  • Clean the fish tank – vacuum gravel, water change, filter media change
  • Get the men to the hairdresser
  • Get some of the excess metal to a scrapyard to pay for the haircuts!
  • Download some books for next week
  • Iron some summer clothes and get the new dress off to the seamstress – it needs about 6 inches hemmed as I am a shorty
  • Download some podcasts for next week
  • Sort out threads for Arezzo so I can continue with the roses
  • Cook, then cool chicken, potato salad etc for tonight’s bonfire at the FIL’s
  • Prepare everything else I need for tonight’s meal
  • Process loads of washing in between everything else

There are no TAB odds as to how much will actually be achieved. Food and scrap metal yes as these will match Si’s priorities but the rest is family dependant. But I brought myself some time – this was written & scheduled yesterday 🙂 while at work too – tut tut!

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