One Little Word & Welcome 2011

Long time, no blog. I guess I allowed myself to get caught up in all the usual rush – Christmas, work, kids, work…I am happy that I kept relitively up-to-date with my Project Life 2010 (only have October and some photos to print and we are done!).

My One Little Word (an Ali Edwards thing) for 2011 is CONTROL. I want to have control at work, at home – keeping to deadlines ( I am pretty good at this anyway work-wise); keeping up to date with PL 2011 as I want this to be P365 and not have monthly highlights as I did for some of 2010; clean out my stash of unfinished projects and be realistic about what I might complete – this might be the time to be ruthless, especially on my stitching patterns; replace my paper books with eBooks – which is already underway; keep to a healthy diet despite the stresses; and any other goals that pop up along the way.

I think however I will be flexible with the PL thing. It is OK to do high-lights – the kids and Si have enjoyed looking back at what we have done, despite the fact that Simon is the biggest critic of the money I spent on that album (it’s about $100 for all the components, with the additional outlay of an acid-free pen and photo priniting). Funny tho that he was the first one to tell me to pull it out on Saturday when we had guests over!

I have started to use the spare parts to get up-to-date on all the other digital photos – 2002 is complete apart from a print I am waiting on from Mum (hi Mum) – and 2003 is complete to August. It’s amazing to see how much I can remember even before I get Si or the kids’ input (gosh, Mase is going to be a mini-Bran all the way). This too is an album we’re all getting a kick out of.

So anyway that’s my goals. No resolutions, just Control. With a little bit of flex 😉

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