WIP Wednesday

I finished putting together one of the two poppies I stitched for ANZAC day, which is this Saturday. The finished one is for Sarah P (who gave me stitching stash for Secret Santa, removing the “secret” but rocketing her into my “favourite” list, see here: https://sewscrapmuse.wordpress.com/2014/12/19/secret-or-not-so-secret-santa/ ) & she’s already wearing it, and the second I want to add the phrase “Lest We Forget” and “1915-2015” top & bottom, then finish as a hanging ornie. Pics later – I need something for my Smalls SAL post next week!

Today I need to work out the final two rectangles of my RR and where the corner border will finish in relation to those. Because some ribbons go thru the border on The Dreamer I also need to chart something to fill in the gaps that looks natural. The easiest way would be to frog the RHS of this corner and mirror the LHS exactly but who likes easy? Or do I just finish at that first scroll? Decisions, decisions…

The dreamer

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