You Can Quote Me

Recently I came across an ad for a Max Lucado Easter devotion. I have no idea where I stumbled across the ad but it’s led me to this app.

bible app

And next to Facebook & WordPress, it’s my favourite app. I could lie, and say it is my favourite, but we all know I spend far too much time chatting on FB in the groups. Or oogling stitched works. And I have to say WordPress, ‘cause it’s so much better than Blogger, and well, what am I publishing on?!

Anyway, what it sets you up with are short, functional devotionals. There are plenty available, all sorts of themes – I am currently working away on a Newsboys one, based on one of their albums. There are other functions here too, I just haven’t explored properly, but I have used the Verse/Image option. And changed the format to NIV, as that is what I am used to.

Here’s the links for both Android and iCrap: ///

You can even work online – here’s the current plan:

With regards to Newsboys, I have loved them since I was a teen. Breakfast is still one of the catchiest songs! & I love this cover.adoration

4 thoughts on “You Can Quote Me

  1. Our daughter introduced me to this app last year. I love it. I have a morning and an evening reading programmed – and it’s such a blessing.

    Not been around much as DH has been really poorly. Hope you are well. Probably won’t manage to catch up, but at some point soon everything will return to normal 😀

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