WIP Wednesday #231

This week hasn’t been very Stitchy at all. We’ve cleared out a third of the garage (for some obnoxious reason, Si thinks we should use the garage for storing more than one of the cars) & there’s been work stress I brought home.

I have some progress on Fairy Idyll. That over one skin on her back is about two hours; I wish now I’d gone for tent stitch but it’s too fine to unpick.

And I have a new start! Those is Jenny home❤stitch❤ness Remembrance Wreath from a recent World of Cross Stitch magazine. I think the chart will be on her etsy mid year next year. It’s a fast stitch; I did the first two items in about an hour, & more at stitch group last night.

Hope you have a good week!

WIP (oh dear) Thursday & Smalls SAL

So…this month has been a little slow on the stitching front.

20150427_184351I sussed out (finalised) the pieces for my Round Robin & completed the base framework. It was posted yesterday – before deadline! This is what it looked like – with the tiny bit of 422 that remained on my bobbin!


I completed two small poppy badges for my Smalls entry, & to wear for ANZAC day. Sarah P received one, and mine was finished on black felt as I wanted it to be flat to go into my One Little Word Album.

I brought an awful lot of charts – see previous post – and another arrived that I swapped to receive – Mirabilia Dressmaker’s Daughter. Sulked a little as I realised the fabbie I had stashed for that was 28ct, so TOO SMALL to fit DD on it, unless I divide it into two halves (not happening, could get a different dye lot which would screw it all up). Fabric was the charted Milk Chocolate, but the chart calls for a FQ of 32ct. Stupid rookie mistake.

Persephone on Milk ChocolateThought about changing plans on that fabric and using it for Persephone – what do you think? This is from the Viewer; I still need to do a floss toss myself to confirm. Might take it to Zeb’s on Saturday & get her and Jenny’s opinions.

I didn’t complete any larger WIPs which has left me a little discouraged. I only need to do beading on Stargazer (I have decided she needs it); a small ammt of stitching on Med Mermaid (beads arrived last week) & a lot of stitching on the freebie Christmas cherub. I think the “only” needing to do the beading on Stargazer will mean that she comes to dinner with me Saturday!

We Will Remember Them

Today marks 100 years since the start of the Gallipoli campaign. It’s now generally recognized that there were massive mistakes made, but we gather at cenotaphs all over New Zealand and Australia to mark the sacrifices of the young men who left their homes and families, traveled to the other side of the world and fought for King & Country.


A phamplet covering some of Grandads writings

I personally don’t have memories of any family members who fought in WWI but both my grandfathers were present in WWII. Pa was a driver; while not on the front line fighting his war must have been horrific. Grandad McLean was a sapper who was present at El Alamein & acted as his troupes medic. Grandad came home on the hospital ship “Oranje” which left port in July 1945. Grandad wrote prolifically while overseas and then revised everything when he got home (removing the redacted words) so his diaries are very complete.

Today I miss my grandparents & wish that I could have shared then with my children.


Packed service at Swanson RSA

If you want to know more about the ANZAC tradition, take a look here: http://www.anzac.govt.nz/significance/index.html

To the men & women serving my country today, thank you.

WIP Wednesday

I finished putting together one of the two poppies I stitched for ANZAC day, which is this Saturday. The finished one is for Sarah P (who gave me stitching stash for Secret Santa, removing the “secret” but rocketing her into my “favourite” list, see here: https://sewscrapmuse.wordpress.com/2014/12/19/secret-or-not-so-secret-santa/ ) & she’s already wearing it, and the second I want to add the phrase “Lest We Forget” and “1915-2015” top & bottom, then finish as a hanging ornie. Pics later – I need something for my Smalls SAL post next week!

Today I need to work out the final two rectangles of my RR and where the corner border will finish in relation to those. Because some ribbons go thru the border on The Dreamer I also need to chart something to fill in the gaps that looks natural. The easiest way would be to frog the RHS of this corner and mirror the LHS exactly but who likes easy? Or do I just finish at that first scroll? Decisions, decisions…

The dreamer