Steptember Update

steptemberI couldn’t get inspired this week, even tho it was the final week. The loose ends from the weekend kept haunting me – and they aren’t even my loose ends!

  • Tuesday – 11875 steps or 6.7k
  • Wednesday – 8765 steps or 4.8k
  • Thursday – 13848 steps or 7.5k
  • Friday – 9772 steps or 5.3K
  • Saturday – 8361 steps or 4k
  • Sunday – 9089 steps or 4.1k
  • Monday – 11594 steps or 6.1k
  • Tuesday – 13440 steps or 7.4k

As a group we raised $170 of our $200 target (HERE) , and personally I walked 303,771 steps or 192.4k. That meant I averaged over 10k steps a day.

Next challenge is to keep up the daily walks!

Steptember Update

Sarah & I are into the final week of Steptember. Neither of us hit the goal consistently this week.

  • Tuesday – 10005 steps or 5.5k
  • Wednesday – 15693 steps or 8.9k (I went for two walks)
  • Thursday – 11474 steps or 6.3k
  • Friday – 6920 steps or 3.3K
  • Saturday – 8332 steps or 4k
  • Sunday – 7005 steps or 3.3k
  • Monday – 9677 steps or 5.3k

So far, I’ve walked 207390 steps or 131.4k. I am now noticing a little shape change which is incentive to continue this on into the next month 🙂

As a team, we’re nearly at that magic $200 mark. Just a little more to go!

WIP Wednesday

It’s been a week of huge self-imposed pressure – LEARN TO SAY NO, PAULA!! – but I feel hugely rewarded.

  • walking every day has increased my overall energy levels and I am more patient with the family. Am not noticing that clothes fit better yet. Hopefully that comes soon!
  • the team I am managing won 28-4  – I may have mentioned that already. If so, I’m not at all sorry to repeat it. Only the one problem parent & that’s rudeness. I can cope with that.
  • I finished Andie’s RR piece, the Gingerbread House from Shannon Wasilieff. She’s beading later so it is being posted to the next person today. Only 6 weeks late! I may eventually get over that.
  • I made a decent start on Keely’s piece, which is oh-so-cute. I expect to have that away by next Friday as no beading is required here either.
  • The posts are up on the Facebook group to remind the Ornament Exchange and Round Robin stitchers to post. Phew!
Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

cheery cherry blossoms

cheery cherry blossoms

Keely's choice; Angels from XS Crazy 2012

Keely’s choice; Angels from XS Crazy 2012

Steptember Update

Well, given that the average office worker hits about 3000 steps a day, I’m nailing it. However I’m not quite at 10K a day yet.

Wednesday – 6121 steps or 2.9km

Thursday – 7547 steps or 7.2km

Friday – 14564 steps or 7.9km

Saturday – 10470 steps or 5.3km

Sunday – 17421 steps or 9.5km

Monday (yesterday, back in the office) – 9584 steps or 5.1km

Sarah & I have plotted out some longer lunchtime walks for this week & I’m looking at taking a photo of something that catches my eye every day. A good Project Life mini theme album! Yesterday we saw this:

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