Steptember Update

Sarah & I are into the final week of Steptember. Neither of us hit the goal consistently this week.

  • Tuesday – 10005 steps or 5.5k
  • Wednesday – 15693 steps or 8.9k (I went for two walks)
  • Thursday – 11474 steps or 6.3k
  • Friday – 6920 steps or 3.3K
  • Saturday – 8332 steps or 4k
  • Sunday – 7005 steps or 3.3k
  • Monday – 9677 steps or 5.3k

So far, I’ve walked 207390 steps or 131.4k. I am now noticing a little shape change which is incentive to continue this on into the next month 🙂

As a team, we’re nearly at that magic $200 mark. Just a little more to go!

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