Steptember Update

steptemberI couldn’t get inspired this week, even tho it was the final week. The loose ends from the weekend kept haunting me – and they aren’t even my loose ends!

  • Tuesday – 11875 steps or 6.7k
  • Wednesday – 8765 steps or 4.8k
  • Thursday – 13848 steps or 7.5k
  • Friday – 9772 steps or 5.3K
  • Saturday – 8361 steps or 4k
  • Sunday – 9089 steps or 4.1k
  • Monday – 11594 steps or 6.1k
  • Tuesday – 13440 steps or 7.4k

As a group we raised $170 of our $200 target (HERE) , and personally I walked 303,771 steps or 192.4k. That meant I averaged over 10k steps a day.

Next challenge is to keep up the daily walks!

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