Manic Monday

yesterday was not. It was Auckland Anniversary day (Happy Birthday, we’re 175 – which will make anyone English snort with derision) and “Strayla” Day (Australia, but I’ve helped you out with the correct pronunciation, you’re welcome) & chez ours is having a lazy day.

We are about 50% thru painting the fences; the front door area is revived with grey pavers replacing the indoor tiles at the entry. No more slip & slide, sorry. My shoulders & legs are killing me (walking like a sailor who has just hit land after 20 years away, on a roll) and everyone had enough. Z & I watched the NFL Pro Bowl all afternoon and jointly sulked that the Super Bowl is on while school/work pulls us away.

I didn’t clean the tank – but I found the Black Line Flying Fox. I had thought both of these had carked it two weeks ago (the first one lasted 2 days before I lost sight of it). It is all by itself an excellent cleaner-upper of the algae. I need more fish tho as the tank looks empty with the main school being the Lemon Tetras. All will have to wait as I have multiple sets of school fees to pay this week. Wah!


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