Project 365 & a work update

Just a quick update about work – I had my interview and think it went OK. I didn’t walk out with that “doh!” feeling that you can have, thinking oops I forgot to tell them this…so feeling pretty cool about things and just waiting to hear back on Wednesday.

Here’s the first page from my P365. As of right now I am up-to-date (gasp!) and should be posting this week’s pages tomorrow.

Some hidden journalling behind the Thursday photo, Friday is of Louise’s baking and the gorgeous smell that floats thru the house when she’s home; Sat was about setting up the cot and mobile (the same the boys both used, and Zac still loves), and Sunday is a portion of Bran’s ticket from Mt Smart, where he took part in the march-by of all the Auckland clubs before the Wariors played and beat the Tigers.

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