Journalling Prompts

In the aftermath of man flu I am struggling a little when it comes to creativity. So I found this little gem, and am hoping that the daily prompts kick start some thinking and more to the point, some journalling. I am woefully behind when it comes to Project Life but yay! at least found the printer cable yesterday so that excuse is now gone.

Sign up and see what it brings you 🙂

On a reading note, I have slogged thru Julia Fox’s excellent Jane Boleyn and Alison Weir’s well researched, detail heavy The Lady in the Tower. Interesting to compare the two very different views of Jane, Lady Rochford, who supposedly betrayed Anne Boleyn and her own husband, Anne’s brother. Ewuu. However I’m not sure she is as clean as Fox portrays her, and she was certainly very stupid when it came to her role as Katherine Howard’s court.

amazon links:

You might want to read the Weir in print however, as all the Appendix notes are annoying in e format, and I have not read many at all…


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